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10 Important Pros and Cons of Uncontested Divorce

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An uncontested divorce may be a perfect solution for couples who don’t want much waste and hassle. Still, the option is not suitable for everyone and may bring more harm than help in particular cases. So, before you jump into any marriage termination process, it is necessary to discover uncontested divorce pros and cons and make beneficial decisions only.

The research and findings claim that uncontested divorce…

  1. Is Cost-Efficient

Uncontested end of a marriage in the form of online divorce in Ohio or a DIY face-to-face process is the best suitable choice for those who don’t want to go bankrupt when it is all over. If you have to deal with attorneys, court hearings, and divorce-related battles, you may expect to lose tens of hundreds of dollars. But with uncontested procedures, it all may get rounded in a couple of hundred or even less. 

  1. Is Save of Time

The more you fight over divorce settlement the longer your marriage termination lasts. As a result, you waste months and years of your life dealing with relationships that are long dead. Uncontested divorce prevents you from lasting poisoning of your life. You only have to cover a waiting period of your state and add a month or two to finalize the process amicably.

  1. Is Less Stressful

No prolonging of the case, no delayed hearings, no battles over every single detail, and no financial complications. And this is far from the final list of relief the uncontested divorce may grant you compared to a contested one. Consequently, you will feel less stress and tension connected to your marriage termination and cope with current challenges easier. 

  1. Is More Private

Unless stated differently in your local legislature, every divorce case is documented and publicly accessible. This means that the more you discuss in your official marriage termination process, the more other people will have access to your private life. This may include the causes of divorce, hot details on infidelity, financial fights, and so on. But with an uncontested divorce, you won’t fight but only agree on everything with your spouse so that there is nothing you will be ashamed to be made public.

  1. Is Less Harmful to Children

With fewer fights, friendly parents, and the satisfied interest of the whole family, children will suffer less with an uncontested divorce in the air. Divorce itself is painful for kids but with amicable, short, and mutually beneficial marriage termination, it will bring fewer physical and emotional challenges to them.

  1. Enables the Use Of Alternative Means

When you closer understand what is uncontested divorce, you will see that you are not limited to cooperation with your family law attorney only. Instead, you can even cope without one. You may choose to work with a mediator who can optimize your discussion on divorce settlement at a reduced price. You can also check the perks of online divorce, the DIY process, and other means that are possible when you are ready to cooperate and commit. 

  1. Cannot Solve Complicated Issues

Yet, uncontested divorce is not a panacea and cannot solve complicated issues. It can be great for couples dropping divorces or those who are ready to deal with the issue in an amicable way. But when domestic violence, significant investments, complications with custody, and similar issues are involved, a more serious and specialist-guided approach is required. 

  1. May Be Not Allowed by Legislature

Some states may not allow you to choose an uncontested divorce in particular cases. For example, when you have minor kids, big assets, or seek alimony, you may have no chance to file for non-contested marriage termination. 

  1. Requires Agreement on ALL the Points

Generally, you may expect to have a simple divorce, only if both you and your partner are satisfied with all the divorce discussions with no exclusions. Even if you have any slight disagreement, an additional hearing may be assigned and your uncontested divorce automatically turns into a more complicated process. 

  1. May Lead to Unfair Results

A complete understanding and support in tough times are what is an uncontested divorce for. But some couples are incapable to cooperate equitably and non-contested marriage termination will not function properly even when opted for voluntarily. For example, if partners have a history of domestic violence, and one spouse has financial prevalence or has a deeper knowledge of divorce process peculiarities, the uncontested end of a marriage will not work properly. As a result of certain manipulation on the part of one of the spouses, the divorce outcomes won’t be as fair and mutually comfortable as expected. 


A non-contested marriage termination may help you save time, money, and your physical and mental health. As long as you can cooperate with your spouse efficiently and deliver decisions to guarantee a happy future for the whole family, uncontested divorce is your best choice. But when you have complicated circumstances or processes to deal with, the assistance of professionals and cooperation with the law system is recommended. This way may burden you but give you a chance for equitable outcomes in the end. 

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