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10 Real Estate Telemarketing Hacks to Improve Lead Generation

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Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of running a real estate practice. An effective telemarketing strategy allows you to generate real estate leads by leveraging a virtual or on-site team while you are out closing deals. 

This article aims to help you understand how telemarketing can help your real estate brokerage or marketing firm.

Telemarketing in Real Estate: An Overview

While leveraging your existing network, PPC (pay-per-click) ads and referrals are amazing ways to attain new clients, utilizing an effective telemarketing strategy allows you to control the number of deals you participate in every month. Telemarketing services can be time-consuming but can be scaled with the help of virtual teams, allowing you to generate affordable, qualified leads. 

Telemarketing in Real Estate: Top Ten Lead Generation Hacks

Here are some fresh approaches to attracting potential buyers for your real estate listings that will increase your conversion rate: 

Developing an Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

Setting an ideal client profile (ICP) allows you to tailor your calls toward a hyper-targeted audience that you know is bound to be interested in your services. An ideal client profile can reference parameters like age, gender, location, and other factors, which can help narrow down and create a phone list for your telemarketing team. 

Doing the math

Doing the math behind what kind of worth you can ascribe to each call can help you train your team well. Let us assume it takes you one hundred calls to book five meetings. And it takes you five meetings to secure a client. If your average commission is $20,000, you can easily find the dollar amount each call is worth. No matter the outcome of a single call, you will still make your money back. 

Dramatically scale the number of calls

When you understand the worth of each call, understanding that you must scale the operation to make the most of it is a no-brainer. Utilizing the services of offshore lead generation specialist firms to obtain lead lists or virtual assistants who can make the calls for you can help you scale your telemarketing operation up at will without a similar increase in costs. 

Learn what questions to ask

The quality of the answers is proportional to the quality of the questions. The goal of asking insightful questions is to get insight into the client’s problems and preferences to provide optimal service. You will compel the prospect to provide more information than a simple “yes” or “no” by using open-ended questions. It allows you to qualify or disqualify a prospect right after the first call. 

Effective Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is an incentive offered to potential clients in the real estate industry in exchange for their contact details. To avail of the deal, the prospect will either freely supply their contact information or contact the agent directly. Effective lead magnets include market reports, buyers and sellers guides, first-time buyers’ webinars, and the like. An effective lead magnet also positions you as an authority in a prospect’s mind.  

Iterating and Making Changes

Figuring out what works and what can’t is a challenging process. But as soon as you realize what does work, you must cut what doesn’t out of your strategies. Figuring out what to optimize for can be a lightbulb moment for most marketers. As you go, making changes to your campaigns helps you generate qualified leads that would like to engage with you.

Following Up

This is yet another place where you can conduct experiments and see what effects they have. Achieving success in real estate requires diligently following up on leads. Following up shows resiliency and genuine concern for the prospect and goes a long way in helping you develop a lifelong working relationship with them.

Navigating Obstructions

Navigating obstructions can lead to mastering the art of closing. In the sales industry, rejection is an inevitable aspect of the game. There are many potential reasons for a seller to reject an offer, especially in the real estate market. Not a problem. Simply put, it means you haven’t located the ideal home for the client, secured the appropriate financing, or anticipated the client’s desire for any other reason (the list goes on). How you deal with rejection significantly impacts your relationship with that client and any future clients you may have.


Retargeting leads generated using telemarketing on other channels using paid advertisements is a fantastic way to achieve your engagement and inbound goals. This is one reason why real estate cold calling services work wonders when it comes to retargeting leads.

Effective Call-to-Action

Creating compelling CTA(s) is central to an excellent telemarketing hack. Moreover, it helps keep the customer informed. The consumer has a right to know why they are being contacted and what will be discussed in subsequent communications such as email or meetings. By outlining the following steps and communicating these to the customer, you can ensure that everyone involved knows what to anticipate at the next touchpoint.


Real estate lead generation aims to increase the number of people who decide to work with you to purchase, sell, or rent a home or other property. Telemarketing is one way that allows you to keep the costs of your leads down while also ensuring that they are qualified. Developing a telemarketing strategy can be challenging, and using the techniques described in this article, you can set yourself up for success. 

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