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10 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Not Turning On

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Are you feeling the chill in your home due to the fact that your boiler won’t turn on? You’re not alone. A broken boiler can be a major inconvenience, and it’s important to understand why it’s not working so you can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

There are many possible reasons why your boiler isn’t turning on, ranging from simple solutions like resetting the system to more complex ones such as replacing faulty parts or checking for gas leaks. In this article, we’ll discuss eight of the most common causes of boilers not turning on and how they can be addressed.

So if your boiler is not turning on, read on to find out what may have gone wrong and what steps you should take next!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in today’s post, contact a reputable HVAC company that offers boiler repair services in Northern Virginia.

#1 — Boiler Is Not Getting Power

The boiler might not be getting power because the electricity isn’t working, there’s a problem with the wiring, or the circuit breaker is turned off.

If your water boiler is not turning on, be sure to check if the lights in your house are on and if they are, then check that all of your wires are connected properly. If everything looks okay, try turning off and on the switch for your boiler at your circuit breaker box.

#2 — The Thermostat Is Set Too Low

Your boiler needs a certain temperature to turn on. If the thermostat is set too low, it won’t let the boiler turn on. Make sure the thermostat is set to the right temperature so your boiler can work properly.

#3 — System Reset Has Been Activated

Are you tired of asking yourself questions like, “why isn’t my boiler tuning on?”, the system reset switch may have been activated. A system reset is like a switch that you turn off and on to make it work again. If you turn it off, then the boiler won’t be able to turn on.

#4 — The Relay Switch Needs To Be Replaced

A faulty relay switch can stop a boiler from turning on. The relay switch is like a big switch that helps the boiler turn on and off. If it doesn’t work correctly, then the boiler won’t be able to turn on.

#5 — Pilot Light Has Gone Out

The pilot light is like a small flame that helps the boiler turn on. If it goes out, then the boiler won’t be able to turn on. You can relight the pilot light yourself or you can call an expert to help.

#6 — The Ignition Is Failing

Your boiler needs something called a spark ignition in order to turn on. If it’s failing, then the boiler won’t be able to turn on. You can either fix it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

#7 — Clogged Pipes or Filters

If your pipes or filters are clogged, the boiler won’t be able to get any air and therefore won’t turn on. Check if there is any dirt inside these components and if so, take out all of the debris that’s causing them to block up.

#8 — The Burner or Heat Exchanger Is Malfunctioning

The burner or heat exchanger helps the boiler turn on. If something is wrong with it, then the boiler won’t be able to start. You need to fix it so that the boiler can work again.

#9 —Air Pressure Switch Is Stuck Closed 

When a boiler stops turning on, it could be because the air pressure switch is stuck closed. This switch helps the boiler turn on and off, like a big switch. If it’s stuck closed, then the boiler won’t be able to turn on.

#10 —Gas Leak In The Pipelines

If there is a gas leak in the pipes connected to your boiler, it will not be able to turn on. The gas needs to stay in the pipes so that the boiler can work. If there is a leak, then the gas will come out of the pipes and not be able to get into the boiler.

10 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is Not Turning On — Conclusion

Boiler repairs can be very complicated, and it is important to hire the right person for the job to ensure the repair is done correctly.

A professional can troubleshoot many complex problems that may be stopping your boiler from turning on, such as faulty wiring, a clogged pipe or filter, an ignition issue, a malfunctioning burner or heat exchanger, or an air pressure switch that is stuck closed. Additionally, they can check for gas leaks in the pipelines (which could also be the reason your boiler is not turning on).

Hiring a professional HVAC technician also provides peace of mind; they can identify any safety issues and make sure that all parts of your boiler system are in good condition. Furthermore, technicians have access to specialized tools and parts that can help get your boiler running again quickly and efficiently.

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