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4 Gaming Laptop Features People Often Overlook

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Gamers will usually start looking at things like the GPU when looking at a gaming laptop. They will then take a quick look at the CPU to see if it has the bare minimum to handle the games they want to play. They will also look at the technology used on the SSD card and the RAM.

However, there are so many other features that could greatly enhance your gaming experience. Some of them might affect your comfort, some might make the computer more convenient, and others could make games more fun. Let’s take a look at some of the gaming laptop features people tend to overlook.

Battery Life

Battery life is often an afterthought for many gamers because they assume that they will be playing with the computer plugged in most of the time. But a gaming laptop has to be able to handle at least eight hours of gaming for it to be considered high quality. The point of getting a laptop is portability, and you never know if you’ll have access to a plug, so at least take a look at benchmark tests and pick a machine with a decent battery life.


More games these days use touchscreen functions and getting a laptop with a touchscreen and a 360 hinge would allow you to use your laptop as a tablet and enjoy mobile games. A touchscreen should be a must if you’re on the market for a Chromebook since you can access all the games in the Android library.

If you want to get a Chromebook for gaming but the model you pick doesn’t have a touchscreen, you will either not be able to play the games as they were intended to or won’t be able to play them at all. Getting a touchscreen will also make tasks outside of gaming much easier. If you’d like to get a laptop with a great touchscreen for a reasonable price, you should check out what Lenovo has to offer.

Viewing Angles

Not checking the quality of the viewing angles when picking a gaming laptop is a bad idea. You might find yourself moving your screen all the time so you can get the best view possible. Colors will be inconsistent, and things may become near impossible if you like to play in areas with natural lighting. So, make sure that you check the reviews and find one that discusses the viewing angle on the monitor to avoid disappointment.

The Quality of the Keyboard

The quality of the keyboard can vary greatly on gaming laptops. You have your average chiclet-style keyboards, but you also have a growing number of laptops with mechanical keyboards nowadays. Mechanical keyboards are considered to be a cut above chiclet style ones, but you have great chiclet keyboards with good travel and cushioning out there.

This is another area where you’ll need to study a few reviews and find something you think will work for you. Testing units in person before buying them through an online retailer is a wise thing to do as well.

If you want to find the absolute best gaming laptop for your budget and needs, pay attention to these features on top of the usual ones. You could be surprised by how much these few things improve your overall experience.

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