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5 Money-Related Tips for New Freelancers

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Are you new to the world of freelance? Then, you should read this list of tips. It will help you tackle the financial aspects of freelancing. 

1. Research Rates

Before you set your rates, do your research. Look up the rates for similar services in your area. Adjust the rates to fit your experience level, your education level and the uniqueness of your work. For instance, you deserve more compensation for targeting niche markets.

Don’t fall for the trap of underselling yourself. Ask for what your labor is genuinely worth.

2. Write a Contract Template

As a freelancer, you should never agree to work without a contract. A contract will allow you to set the terms of your project in writing. Without those terms in writing, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to miscommunications and missed payments. In the worst-case scenarios, you can bring a signed contract to court to prove your client has violated the terms. 

You don’t have to write a contract up from scratch every time you take on a project. You can set up a template for a freelance contract and save it on your computer. When you have a new project, edit your template to match the terms.  

3. Include Late Penalties

To guarantee that your client pays you in full and on time, you should include late penalties inside of your freelance contract. If your client misses your payment deadline, they will owe you more for violating that term. The longer they take to complete this task, the more they will have to pay.

4. Protect Your Equipment

You need your electronic equipment to be in top condition. If one of your electronics breaks down and needs repairs, you’ll have to pause your projects. Everything will be put on hold until you get the device fixed or replaced.

To make emergency repairs and replacements easier to handle, you should extend the warranties for your electronics. Start by using a credit card to purchase your electronics. Many credit cards can double the original manufacturer’s warranty for electronic items

You can also sign up for an extended warranty plan through a retailer. This type of plan can offer coverage for repairs and replacements related to manufacturing defects, accidental damage and more.

5. Have an Emergency Fund

Even with extended warranties, you may need to pay for some electronic repairs out of pocket. To make sure that you never come up short during this stressful situation, you should put together an emergency fund. With an emergency fund, you can withdraw the savings that you need for the repairs so that you can get your equipment back in working order.

Without an emergency fund, you might not have enough savings to cover the repairs immediately. Then, what can you do to resolve your emergency? You will have to turn to a payment alternative, like an online loan. One of the biggest benefits of online short term loans is that the application process is quick and straightforward. You can fill out the online application and send it within a few minutes. Then, you won’t have to wait long for an update about your approval status. 

If you’re approved, you can use the borrowed funds to cover the electronic repairs in a short amount of time. Then, you can follow the loan’s repayment plan. 

Follow these financial tips to make your freelance work smoother and savvier. 

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