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5 Types Of Blinds You Choose Use For Your Homes

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Roller blinds help people to protect their homes from sunlight and dust. They offer privacy and protect the furniture in the house. Everyone prefers them because they are versatile and enhance the appearance of the interiors. Blinds are easy to use and are available in various colours and designs. The most popular roller blinds are Triple shade blinds, Sheer blinds, Roman blinds, Zebra blinds and Motorised blinds. The Zebra blind is also known as the day night roller blind and has alternating layers of opaque and sheer panels. 

Why do people choose blinds? 

Blinds are durable and have a longer life.

They are available in several colours, designs, slat sizes and thicknesses.

They are cost-effective and more affordable than curtains.

They can be easily removed and cleaned with warm water and soap.

Mild and mildew don’t form quickly on blinds.

Types of blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds made of wood or aluminium. The horizontal slats suspended on ladder cords are raised or lowered to increase or decrease the quantity of light entering the room. They are the ideal choice for contemporary homes. They suit all sizes of windows and are easy to operate and clean. These blinds are ideal for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, and other places where people constantly turn on and off the lights. 

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are fabric blinds designed to fold when the slats are raised. The fabric folds slowly, and pleats are formed. Various fabrics, from silk to cotton, are used in Roman blinds. The blinds allow people to effectively control the light depending on the time of day or year. They are affordable, easy to use and commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are fabric blinds with folds that open and close. They cover the window partially or entirely depending on how much the fabric is compressed or stretched. It fits the windows perfectly and is flexible in controlling the light that enters a room. The pleated blind is moved vertically or horizontally, but they usually are moved up or down through a control rail. The blinds are cleaned with a damp cloth dipped in warm water and mild detergent.

Roller blinds

A roller blind has a fabric wrapped around a casing and is operated by a pull cord or side-winding chain mechanism. It is suitable for all windows and doors, including patio doors. These blinds are available in a range of finishes, like moisture-resistant and flame-retardant, to suit different environments. They come in various colours and fabrics that transform the room’s appearance. Day night roller blind is a specific type of roller blind that has two layers of fabric, one is transparent, and the other is opaque. They are found in the front and back of a roller tube. These blinds allow easy day and night usage.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are like Venetian blinds in appearance. They have the same concept, but the Venetian blinds have horizontal slats. The fabric of Vertical blinds is thinner and allows better overlap. They allow more light to enter than the horizontal slats. They are the best choice for full-size windows and doors like sliding or French doors. These blinds allow people to control visibility without affecting the light entering the room.

The most significant benefit of using blinds is the added privacy. It is helpful for houses with windows facing the street and makes people feel secure. Blinds are installed quickly, are easy to maintain and suit windows of all sizes and shapes.

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