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9 Decor Ideas You Could Use This Festive Season

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The holiday season presents everyone with opportunities for decoration in unique ways. You look at various DIY arts and crafts to make gifts for your loved ones. 

If you are hosting a party, you must be excited to jazz up your place and get that vibe going. But it might be painstakingly hard to sift through numerous home decor ideas like elf props or quirky little numbered stockings. 

So, the following are some fantastic decor ideas that can come in handy this festive season. So, read on.

1. Holly spring napkins

The tiny details in a party can make a lot of difference. While it is nice to see big and striking centrepieces, decorating the little things can reveal how much attention you have put into details, and that’s why holly spring napkins can make for a cute decor idea.

2. Elf props

When it comes to elf props, you can do a million things. You can get printable props to add light-hearted humour to your party and use it for fun. There are also hand-drawn elf costumes that look super cute or get a superhero kit that will surely be a hit with the children and their friends.  

3. Snow-filled wine glasses

If you are planning a small party with some close friends and looking to add a bit of character to it without spending a fortune, then snow-filled wine glasses for your centrepiece can be a great idea. These glass centrepieces look stylish; you can even ask your kids to make them with you.  

4. Tea tubes

It would be best if you wanted to give party favours to your guests this holiday season. So, why not give something valuable and straightforward? Getting tubes of hand-mixed herbal tea can be a good gift, adding value and being purposeful.

5. Numbered stocking bunting

With friends over during Christmas, you would like to congregate around the mantle or the fireplace. Pay a little more attention while decorating these holiday places. An excellent way to make your mantle look Christmas-y is making your bunting with numbered stockings. 

6. Hanging button wreath

If you live in a small apartment and are looking for subtle ways to decorate your space and add a bit of holiday cheer before your friends pop in, get hanging button wreaths. These wreaths made from spare buttons are minimalistic, and you can get them in a wide range of sizes and colour options.

7. Scrap fabric Christmas tree

If you already have large candle holders or standing vases as a part of your decor and want to transform in the holiday season, it is better to go with something affordable. You can get Christmas trees made from scrap fabrics or make one yourself and have a blast.

8. Light jar centrepiece

Have you decided to host a party at the last minute and don’t have to get all the arrangements done with your decor quickly? In that case, the best thing to do is get pretty light jar centrepieces and give off the perfect festive vibes.

9. Tulle balls

Getting tulle balls in Christmas-y colours like red, white and green can add a whole new element to your decorations. Once you get them, they will be something you can’t do without because they are the simplest decor elements and transform the space without much effort. 


Holidays are when you come together as a family and have the best time. Decorating your space with them can be a great way to create memories and multiply the joy and merriment. So, get all the decor elements of your choice and have fun experimenting with them. 

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