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A Guide To Orthokeratology

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Although it may sound like something out of a fairy tale, wearing lenses that correct myopia and slow down the evolution of myopia is a genuine possibility. There is nothing novel about the concept of ortho-k lenses at all. On the other hand, it wasn’t until the most recent few decades that these lenses became famous.

The development of more sophisticated and accurate technology has contributed to the rapid advancement of technology. These gadgets make 3D representations of the eye’s surface simpler and more efficient. The newly developed polymer substance, an additional catalyst in the process, makes it possible to manufacture oxygen-permeable hard contact lenses. Nevertheless, the prospective advantages of therapy are what piques your curiosity the most at this time. Here are six compelling arguments favouring giving orthokeratology a go-to treatment for myopia.

Myopia Management

To prevent or delay the onset of myopia in our younger patients, ortho-k lenses are used. These eyeglasses are custom-made for each patient to ensure a perfect fit. A map of the eye’s surface is created, and a unique lens for the patient is created according to the information. This approach was found as an effective means of preventing further advancement of myopia.

The Approach is Adaptable to Virtually any Situation

Most individuals who suffer from mild to moderate myopia are excellent candidates for OrthoKeratology. Patients can begin utilising lenses when myopia symptoms become noticeable. There is no upper age limit for patients receiving this therapy.

Orthokeratology has made it possible for children to safely play outside without worrying about their eyewear, including their glasses and contact lenses. Adults having the therapy and participating in contact sports do not need to be concerned about the necessity of wearing glasses, which can be a nuisance. Those who work in dusty surroundings or spend a significant amount of time in front of computer displays will benefit significantly from this therapy.

Help for Astigmatism

Myopia is often treated with OrthoKeratology as a temporary remedy for the condition. Patients suffering from hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism may benefit from this treatment. The degree to which orthokeratology lenses can properly treat different kinds and levels of refractive error varies from patient to patient. The only persons who might not benefit from using these lenses are those with severe types of eye problems.

Superior Comfort

If this is your first time using contact lenses, your eye doctor or another qualified assistant will provide you with instructions on correctly inserting, removing, and caring for your lenses. The ortho-K lenses are simple to insert and remove from the eye. In most cases, these lenses are intended to be worn at night while the wearer is asleep. If you take them off first thing in the morning, you will have an unimpeded vision when you wear them. The exact straightforward cleanliness requirements and care instructions for conventional gas permeable contact lenses also apply here. It is essential to properly care for your contact lenses to prevent infection and other complications.

Quick Results

Patients who try OrthoKeratology are typically pleased with how quickly it works. Some individuals claim that they saw an improvement after only the first night of using their contact lenses. Myopia is treated throughout the subsequent weeks until the eyesight becomes stable. Patients will often need to begin with more regular visits, but after they have stabilised, they will typically be able to transition to quarterly follow-ups. When you check your eyes regularly, the eye doctor will evaluate how well the therapy works for you and how long you need to wear the contact lenses each night to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Effects That Can Be Undone

Those who cease using orthokeratological lenses won’t be left with any lasting effects from the treatment. In addition, there are no scars. If you decide to quit using the lenses, after some time, your eye will revert to the shape it had before you started wearing them. It implies that this method, with very little to no risk associated with it, can effectively reduce the advancement of myopia.

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