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All You Need To Know About Aesthetics Pro Online Software

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About Aesthetics Pro Online

Aesthetics Pro is a HIPPA-compliant cloud-based management solution. It has features for employee management, calendar monitoring, client management, point-of-sale management, and marketing management. Users can organize employee timesheets, salaries and benefits, commissions, and tips using the staff management feature. Users can use staff calendars to manage staff scheduling and avoid overbooking. A lot of people compare Aesthetics pro online to Aprima EHR. Aprima EMR is also a well-known software with similar features to Aesthetics pro. If you want to see why people compare these two, you can check out Aprima EMR reviews or Aesthetics pro online reviews. 

Aesthetics Pro online allows users to keep track of all client data in HIPAA-compliant charts. Users can log in from any device and access their records from anywhere. The software also includes marketing management, which allows users to track leads and send out targeted email campaigns to attract new customers. Create real-time upgraded sales and profit reports using the accounting module, allowing them to make informed decisions about their customer handling procedures.

Why Aesthetics Pro Online? 

This question has a simple answer: keep all of your client’s records properly aligned to improve clinical efficiency. Every rational person understands that the best way to run a med spa efficiently is to work from a centralized platform. How remarkable it would be if patients could make appointments via the internet. It will allow providers to break free from their tight schedules by delegating administrative tasks to a trusted partner. By digitalizing nerve-wracking front-desk activities, Aesthetic Pro Online EHR better serves its clients. It promotes a strong bond between suppliers and their patients, resulting in a positive patient experience. It then leads to satisfied customers, which helps to grow the customer base. 

Furthermore, med spa specialists can use this digital medical records software to conform to all legal requirements. Because this vendor stores all client data in the cloud, practitioners don’t have to worry about losing patient data. Furthermore, Aesthetics Pro Online EHR provides excellent services for following up on important tasks and staying on top of everything without jeopardizing clinical efficiency. This solution is all about making med spa practice management easier. So, don’t you believe that automating your clinical procedures will help you manage your practice?

Aesthetics Pro online Features

Aesthetic Pro Online has a lot of features because it’s an all-in-one EHR platform. This industry-leading software provides outstanding services to medical spa centers, allowing them to increase their productivity and revenue. From handling client profile information to creating visual analytics reports, everything is a piece of cake for this vendor. Let’s take a look at what Aesthetics Pro Online EHR has to offer.

Client Management

Use this client relationship managerial tool to handle clients like a pro. It gives staff full access to client profiles, making it easier for them to manage the med spa as a whole. It also aids in the creation of a comprehensive profile that allows users to view client e-records, invoices, and other documents.


For med spa specialists, prescribing meds has never been simpler. It combines with pharmacies to minimize prescription processing delays. This HIPAA-compliant prescription system also gives you instant access to your patient’s medical history, allowing you to prescribe more effectively.

Marketing Solution

This healthcare platform’s tech-savvy CRM solution will help you succeed. It includes campaign management, tracking, and email marketing features. A customer review management solution is also available to aid in data-driven decision-making.

Point of Sale

With Aesthetics Pro Online’s point-of-sale service, collecting payments is a breeze. It works with the client check-out process and comes with a UPC scanner for easy invoice sharing. It guarantees a seamless payment process.

Aesthetics Pro online Pricing plans

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions among medical spa professionals. They want to know how much Aesthetics Pro Online EHR costs for its high-quality services. The following are the details of the three pricing packages offered by this vendor:

Solo Practitioner

Aesthetics Pro Online EHR has created a single location price plan for entry-level med spas. It has all of the features of Enterprise Plus, but it is limited to only two users. It does not include AP marketing solutions, despite the fact that it aids practice growth. It charges $125 per month because it is poised for clinical growth.


It’s a tool to help practices grow, and it’s designed to meet the needs of practices with an unlimited number of users. It has an unlimited amount of cloud services and marketing tools, as well as online scheduling tools such as calendar management. It also includes client management toolkits to aid in client retention. This Aesthetics Pro Online EHR costs $185 per month. You can likewise check out the top EMR systems list at Software Finder.

Enterprise Plus

It’s a detailed plan that brings everything together in one place. It’s a fully compliant EHR solution with an e-record library and a marketing suite that’s fully integrated. It comes with unrestricted online support in addition to all of the excellent features. This Aesthetics Pro Online EHR plan costs only $245 per month.

Aesthetics Pro Reviews – Pros 

  • Aesthetics Pro is a web-based platform that allows users to unlock records and complete work on the go from any mobile tablet device.
  • E-Records developed particularly for Medical Aesthetics are included in AestheticsPro, allowing users to quickly and accurately build and manage digital records and photos.
  • Aesthetics Pro provides clients with a personalized portal through which they can make online bookings and payments.
  • Aesthetics Pro provides a set of marketing tools to users, including the ability to schedule electronic drip campaigns and analyze campaign performance.
  • Users can set user permissions and use 128-bit encryption for digital transactions to ensure that all information is kept safe.

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