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Are you using these new iMovie features? Find out!

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With every new upgrade, exciting features are added to Apple’s iMovie. In April 2022, the iMovie 3.0 version was released with fantastic features that made it easier for users to create professional-looking videos without an editing degree. Some of the features of iMovie that you might have ignored or overlooked are given below.


In the earlier versions of iMovie, the timeline feature was missing. While you will not get this feature when you launch the program, the feature will show up after selecting a project.

When using the timeline, you will come across multiple editing options. There’s the feature of color balance that ensures the tone of the videos is adjusted, and the color correction feature deals with saturation, brightness, and contrast.

These tasks were not easy with the oldest versions of iMovie. Also, you will thank the updated version because of the improved quality of your videos or movies. The timeline feature is essential because this is where all the editing will take place. You might miss out on covering meaningful ground when editing without the timeline feature.

Save iMovie as MP4

Typically, iMovie would export your videos to the MOV format. However, you can save iMovie as MP4 by locating the video in your iMovie library and clicking the Share button. Then, you have to choose Export File and select the format you want. You can also open MP4 files on iMovie by using Permute.

Keyboard shortcuts

There’s no need to go through a video clip and waste your time. You can utilize the keyboard shortcuts to cut down on the time and quickly navigate through the footage. Using shortcuts, you can trim a clip in the timeline to the selected range (Option + /), improve the video quality of the clip (Shift + Command + E), and deselect all the clips (Shift + Command + A), etc.

Share edited moves across devices

The earlier versions of iMovie prevented users from sharing their edited movies across devices. The new version comes with a theater, and users can save all the projects here. Then, the videos are ready to be played on any platform. You can play it on your Apple TV, Mac, or even iPhone.

Green-screen controls

If you want to soften the effects you have added to your movie, you can use the green-screen controls feature. This feature has been refined in the latest version, and users can better control it. You can access this feature from the video overlay tools, and a clip must overlay the original clip on the timeline.

Adjust the level of the audio clips

Previously, users would have to launch a different editing panel to adjust the audio files. In the latest version of iMovie, users can adjust the levels of their audio clips freely and right from the program. It would be best if you had the clips in the events browser. You can access the feature easily and need to highlight or select a specific clip. Then, it would be best if you hit it off on the auto button found on the toolbar.

Availability of themes and trailers

By making trailers and themes available, iMovie has made it possible for users to select video clips from their projects to help them create professional trailers. The feature has also introduced varied themes you can choose from. It may limit your personalization options because the feature is template-based. But you will be able to short clips that can be shared easily.

Easy detection of characters or persons in a movie

The detection feature enables users to detect the characters or persons in a movie quickly. The feature is not designed to find out particular persons or their identities. The feature will track the characters and tag them so you can determine their distance from the camera or their number. If you want to reap the full benefit of this feature, you need to be patient. It may take some time to complete because the app has to assess every clip before detecting the characters in question.

User-friendly trimmer

When using iMovie to edit movies or videos, you cannot ignore the feature of the trimmer. The feature is responsible for boosting the editing process, and it is very easy to use. Thanks to the trimmer, you can quickly determine the timing and length of a clip. You can access the feature by clicking twice on the video clip from your project, and when it pops up, you have to drag the parts you wish to trim in the video.

The bottom line

These are some of the features added to the latest version of iMovie.

How many of them have you been using? It would be best to use them all to quicken your editing process and save time.

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