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Building a Winning Sales Team for Your Toronto Startup

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Toronto is a competitive city that offers multi-sector strength, a driving economy, and a deep talent pool. Many business owners choose the dynamic city for their business operations as Toronto offers numerous opportunities for growth and employment. According to a newly published report referred to in a Daily Hive article, Toronto ranks as the best city in Canada for startups in 2022.

When you choose Toronto as the primary location for your exciting new venture, you need to build a winning sales team to illustrate your products and services to your target audience. Your sales team will be responsible for meeting your company’s growth goals by promoting your products or services, representing your organization, and identifying prospective customers for lead generation and conversion. Here are some tips to help you build a sales team that can enhance your company’s reputation and help it grow.

Identify Your Goals & Expectations

An employer needs to set clear goals and expectations to ensure that their sales team is on the same page. Outlining your short and long-term goals can help your sales team identify whether they are performing their given tasks efficiently. This involves writing clear job descriptions when hiring new employees and being transparent with your entire sales team once you build one. 

To set sales goals for your team, establish a target revenue and length of time to close a deal and continuously track their progress. You may need to reevaluate and adjust the goals based on your team’s performance. Clearly outlining your expectations when you hire a new employee can help them understand their key responsibilities, allowing them to help your company reach its growth target more efficiently.  

Expand Your Search Beyond Job Boards

While there is a large pool of talented sales professionals in Toronto, you need to put in the work to attract them to your company in today’s competitive economy. Posting on job boards isn’t enough to attract top talent in today’s economic climate. In fact, 79 percent of job seekers use social media when conducting their job search.

Expand your search beyond job boards by advertising vacant positions on social media platforms. You can automate your social media posts, create paid promotions, and dedicate a team to demonstrate your company’s culture to potential new employees. 

Consult a Sales Recruiter

Consider working with a sales recruiter to attract top talent to your new company if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about the hiring process. An experienced sales recruitment agency knows the best methods to help employers find the best candidate for a position. 

Recruiters typically have an extensive database of candidates seeking jobs, so they will have access to data that allows them to find out which candidates may be looking for sales jobs in Toronto while you’re building your team. They can simplify recruitment by filtering applications, screening candidates, and presenting the most suitable sales professionals to you.

Building a team for a startup can be challenging, as you need to rely on the team for your company’s growth and success. The good news is, implementing the right strategies can help you attract the highest quality sales professionals in Toronto. 

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