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Can you take paid surveys as a side job?

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Recent statistics indicate that approximately 23,000 more Australians hold two or more jobs than before the outbreak. As per the figures provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday, the proportion of individuals working multiple jobs grew from 6% to 6.3% in the March quarter. Due to the recent increase in secondary employment, around 23,000 more dual jobholders during the pandemic. On average, filled employment increased by 73,700 or 0.5% in the March quarter of 2021. Fifty-six thousand one hundred of these occupations were supplementary positions. But did you know that doing online surveys is a simple way to augment your full-time income? Have you considered taking surveys for money in Australia but lacked the knowledge to do so?

How do paid surveys work?

It is effortless. Take online surveys and respond to questions about your opinions on various topics. Legitimate companies pay you for completing surveys. Earn gift vouchers for your time, or use the rewards to enter sweepstakes for even more incredible prizes.

Do online survey websites pay?

Paying online survey sites are legitimate. Online survey companies require users to complete surveys and provide a sincere opinion to market research firms. Your feedback helps companies and brands develop superior, innovative products and services. In exchange for finishing paid surveys, you can win incentives. The top survey sites will provide multiple options to cash out your winnings. Standard payout possibilities include Amazon, Google Play, Starbucks gift cards or prepaid Visa credit cards.

Are they legitimate?

Valid organisations with legitimate surveys provide a means to generate money online. In surveys, market research firms and advertising agencies will need candid responses. Each survey study may require anywhere between a hundred to several thousand participants. This can involve completing a 5- to 60-minute online survey, participating in focus groups, or testing products at home.

However, getting the correct number of participants for each research project can’t be easy, mainly when working on hundreds and thousands of them each year. This is where real paid survey sites step in. As a survey organisation that can engage its members with these large market research firms, they act as intermediaries. This allows you to earn additional money online in your spare time.

Beware of fraudulent survey sites. A Google search for “top paid survey sites” may reveal questionable results from experienced scammers. Nevertheless, you can avoid survey fraud by recognising these warning signs:

  • Do not reveal crucial personal information, such as your driver’s license number or bank account number. You’ll still be required to enter your gender, age, and other information to match legitimate questionnaires, but this data is anonymised. No legitimate survey company would ever request personal details.
  • The free product offers to appear to be too good to be legitimate. (You cannot get getaways, 50-inch televisions, or free computers by participating in legitimate online surveys.)
  • There is a promise of an absurdly large signup bonus, such as hundreds of dollars or more. Many legitimate survey sites may offer you a $2 to $10 signup bonus to get you started, but anything beyond that is suspicious.
  • You are offered a continuous stream of additional income or the option to resign from your “day job” and live off paid surveys full-time. While it is possible to make extra money using online survey sites, and it can be a nice side gig, online survey sites cannot substitute the earnings of a full-time job.

Doing surveys for money in Australia from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, for causes you care about, or in exchange for complimentary products sounds like the perfect side gig. To earn money with online surveys, you should start as soon as possible.

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