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Career opportunities with JIRA Course

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There are numerous start-up enterprises in India, which boast one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Information technology offers several job opportunities. Increasing numbers of Indian students and prospective professionals are pursuing the JIRA credential. For IT professionals who wish to become certified JIRA experts, this is a highly regarded course.

As part of JIRA Course training in India, you’ll learn how to construct dashboards, find problems, establish projects, and set columns. The course is geared to teach you how to use JIRA effectively. 

JIRA Courses: Leading Job Descriptions

  • Jira Administrator

A Jira administrator is a user having global permission to Administer Jira. A project manager is a client who has the Administer projects project authorization for a particular project. The ‘administrator’ group is automatically granted the ‘Oversee projects’ permission (through the Administrators job) for all projects.

Starting Salary: INR 6-8 LPA

Abilities Required:

  • Communication expertise
  • Filing/paper management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Typing
  • Jira Developer:

As a JIRA developer, you construct and maintain automated work processes. Other responsibilities include updating and upgrading JIRA projects, defining and performing SDLC tasks, and archiving and maintaining the SDLC.

Starting Salary: INR 5-8 LPA

Abilities Required:

  • Mathematical talent
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Programming languages (different types of developer roles require different languages)
  • Outstanding organizational and time-management abilities
  • Accuracy and focus on detail
  • Jira/Agile Support Professional:

Jira support technicians are computer support specialists who assist representatives or consumers with resolving computer-related problems. They may also be referred to as specialized assistance technical support professionals or help-workplace professionals.

Starting Salary: INR 5-8 LPA

Abilities Required:

  • Excellent listening and questioning skills
  • The capacity to engage with customers with assurance
  • Capacity to work nicely with others
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Jira Engineer:

A Jira engineer may construct or set up equipment, lead tests, develop models of new hardware, test objects, collect data, or assist in the planning and creation of products. In all locations, they develop ways to make things operate efficiently.

Starting Salary: INR 5-8 LPA

Abilities Required:

  • Programming and coding computers
  • Software engineering
  • Object-oriented structure (OOD)
  • Testing and debugging software

What should I expect from this course?

32 hours of classroom instruction are required to complete the JIRA certification course in India. The training may be delivered in person or virtually, depending on your preference. There is emphasis on learning how to manage scrum and agile boards using JIRA as well as an introduction to Agile terms. JQL configuration, problem reporting, bug tracking, issue tracking, control, and workflow management are all part of the JIRA certification training offered in India.

Certificates of completion are issued to students who successfully complete the JIRA training in India. All applicants are provided 20 hours of lab time to practise JIRA setup and workflow management in difficult projects. The course price includes the test costs as well as 24-hour lifetime assistance for students.

In the JIRA training course in India, students learn how to develop boards and JIRA Agile boards in a complete manner. Candidates learn how to record defects in JIRA, the defect life cycle, and the basics of defect templates throughout this course. During the JIRA course instruction, students learn how to extract and analyse report data.

With the JIRA certification in India, you may raise your professional profile to a new level.

You can reach out to JIRA Service Desk also for useful material and valuable information.

So, there are lots of different reasons to create an online course such as helping distance learners, generating income, time flexibility, and others. Online courses not only help the tutors but also facilitate the students in many ways. 

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