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Choosing the suitable platter for parties

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Platters are an essential part of any dinner party. They add a touch of elegance and help to keep your guests’ food warm. But how do you choose a suitable platter? Let’s look at some tips on how to pick the best one for your needs.

Ceramic Platter

Ceramic platters are a good choice for serving food at parties. Ceramics are very sturdy and can be used to serve hot and cold dishes. Because ceramic is non-porous, it doesn’t absorb the flavours of foods you act on, so you won’t have to wash it down with soap before using it again (like plastic).

Glass Platter

A glass platter is an excellent choice for serving food because they’re easy to clean, versatile and durable. Glass platters can also be used in the microwave and oven.

Glass platters come in various shapes and sizes, so there’s one perfect for your party or event!

Bamboo Platter

Bamboo is a renewable resource. It proliferates, and bamboo farms help to protect the rainforest.

Bamboo adds texture to the table. The natural patterns in the wood look great when paired with other materials like metal, glass and ceramics.

Bamboo platters are easy to clean because they’re lightweight and durable! They won’t break if you drop one on your foot (it’s happened many times).

Slate Platter

When it comes to slate, there’s no question of authenticity. It’s a natural material found in any state of Australia, and its durability makes it an ideal option for serving heavy dishes like lasagna or pot roast. Slate is also perfect for serving food at outdoor events—think picnics and summer barbecues—since it can withstand wind and rain without cracking under pressure.

However, many think of slate as an old-fashioned material that doesn’t belong anywhere but on tables outside old farmhouses. But that perception is changing: more people are using their slates indoors, whether they’re hosting dinner parties at home or want something different than the usual platters on their tables during the holidays. The versatility of this type of platter makes it a popular choice among those who want to add some rustic flair to their homes while maintaining a more elegant overall vibe (think: beautiful linens and fine china).

There are many platters to choose from.

There are many platters to choose from. You can buy an inexpensive plastic one, or you can have a special platter made of glass or wood. Plastic is the most popular material because it’s affordable and durable, but there are some drawbacks if you’re looking for something that will last for years.

Glass and wood are beautiful materials that will add style to your table setting; however, glass breaks easily, and wood can be expensive. Suppose you use a glass platter on a tablecloth or at an event where other people might be sitting nearby (like at a wedding). In that case, choosing one with handles is safer so that you don’t have to worry about dropping it while trying not to spill anything on yourself!

The material your platter is made of isn’t always important; some people prefer using disposable trays instead of buying something nice just because they’re worried about cleaning them later.


To sum it up, there are many platters to choose from. The most important thing is choosing one that fits your needs but also matches the theme of your party or event. You don’t want to go all out on decorations only to have a mismatched platter at the end of it! Ceramics and glass are great options because they come in various colours and styles, while bamboo gives off an earthy vibe. Slate looks beautiful when paired with rustic decors such as wood furniture or Barnwood walls, so keep this in mind if those items might be present during your gathering.

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