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Cutting Cords is Doing More Harm than Good—here’s why

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Most of us prefer saving over benefits which is however the need of the hour. The same goes for the internet, home phone, and cable TV services where we always look for something under the budget. But at times it becomes unfeasible for us to keep all the services and pay less. In such a situation the most common decision we take is to cut the cord. 

Interestingly, cutting the cord in some cases is found to deliver more harm than good such as quitting Select TV to save money and moving to a streaming service. You may have to lose various features by quitting any service and most probably the saving you will make is not considered when compared with the money you saved after removing any service. Sounds surprising, right? 

If you want to know why your decision to unsubscribe from a cable TV service just to save some extra bucks in your pocket every month can be harmful, you have landed on the right blog. We have added a couple of reasons in this blog that will help in developing a better understanding for you. 

So without any further due let’s dive right into the topic!

Cable TV vs. Streaming Option – Why Are You Joining the Cord-Cutter Camp

The cable versus streaming debate is going on across every social media platform where we can get plenty of shreds of evidence supporting and contradicting each of the options. Even many of you have decided to cut the cord and move to alternate options but are only staying with your current cable TV providers such as Spectrum Service or satellite TV plan because of hefty termination fees. 

However, chances are great that many of you are not aware of how much it costs to quit a cable TV service when it comes to paying a termination fee. Else you are unable to decide because you are used to cable TV service and hesitating to try this new means of accessing entertaining content. 

Whatever the reason, you are somehow influenced to quit your cable TV and move to the option of spending less and saving a lot every month to get the best entertainment solution. It does make sense and we can understand that saving fascinates us more than anything else. 

But still, you should know how much you will lose for saving so can have a clear view of both sides of the picture. We have lined up some reasons that will further elaborate why and in what ways cutting the cord can be more harmful than useful for many of us. 

So check them out!

Reasons You Should Not Quit Cable TV Service 

  • Pay a Single Fee for Watching a Range of TV Channels and Networks 

First on our list is the monthly fee you pay for cable TV and streaming services. We know that the cable TV service providers in the country are offering an extended range of channels and networks in their packages. Whereas in the case of streaming services you need to pay a separate fee for each channel you and your family want to stream. 

The fee you pay for an individual streaming service seems to be cheaper than cable TV. However, if you thoroughly analyze it may cost you more for subscribing couple of channels which is quite obvious. Every family has watchers with different genres of content which you need to keep in mind while selecting any streaming service. 

For instance, if you have music lovers, sports lovers, news watchers, binge-watchers, or else in your family it means you need to go to subscribing multiple streaming services straight. When you calculate the costs for those services the total may be equal to or above the cost you were paying for your cable TV plan. Sounds surprising, right? Yes, it is and still, there is a lot to come so keep reading!

  • You Don’t Necessarily Need to Have the Fastest Internet Connection at Your Home 

The second awakening fact we have brought for you here is that for cable services you don’t need to get an internet connection at your home. Even if you have got an internet connection, you don’t need to worry about its speed because cable TV smoothly runs even if you bundle it up with a low internet speed plan. 

In contrast, for streaming TV options you always need to go for a higher-speed tier internet plan. Because such streaming services work only with a high-speed internet connection and consume a considerable amount of data from your internet plan. Ultimately, you need to go for expensive internet plans which require you to pay additionally every month. Feeling better? If not take a long deep breath before scrolling further. 

  • Inability to Access a Variety of Content 

Last but not least in our list is the inability to reach out to different genres of content if you go to subscribing to streaming services instead of staying with your cable TV service. As we have mentioned above, every family contains watchers with different tastes and likings. Therefore it is hard to meet their entertainment needs by subscribing to a single streaming service. 

According to a study carried out by Parks Associates in 2022 (July), about one-quarter of households across the United States of America has roughly subscribed to nine or more streaming services. Whereas the least subscription is for four streaming services making up 50% of the population.  

If you are good at math you can easily calculate what cost you will pay every month for getting the same entertainment experience for your family by subscribing to multiple streaming services. 

In a Nutshell 

Hopefully, you found this information to be useful. 

No doubt streaming services are the best alternatives to cutting the cord and offer various benefits but still, it is hard to surpass the perks you will get with a cable TV plan. If you want to save some extra bucks, we recommend you check out BuyTVInternetPhone. It will help you in finding the best options in your area so you can get the perfect fit for you.

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