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Enhancing Your Approach to Learning and Development

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In business, there are going be objectives that you approach which will be broader than others, this can make them more difficult to tangibly work towards, but it can also mean that you have more flexibility in how you approach them. Improving the learning and development of your business might be one such objective, and while you might have seen any number of tips, you might be lost as to firm actions that you can take.

Accepting that you are yourself included in this step of learning can help you to approach new techniques and technologies with an open mind – and can have your whole workforce feeling as though you’re working towards a common goal. 

Understanding Subjectivity

One of the first things to know about learning and development in general is how many different approaches there are to it. While this is great for someone in your position, it can also be a bit overwhelming, as it means that you have to often choose one option rather than just incorporating all that you see. For example, what are the advantages of lms vs lxp? Is a peer-to-peer system right for you? These are questions that depend on the structure of your business, your individual preferences, and how your employees operate – so you have to make these decisions with a full understanding of your business in mind. 

Patience and Understanding

On the subject of subjectivity, it’s also worth extending this to you and your employees when it comes to how different people learn differently. This is a concept that you might have become familiar with throughout your time in academia, where one form of revision is what helps one person to pass an exam while it does nothing but confuse the topic for another. Learning is subjective, and taking that into consideration can help you to form some patience and understanding if everyone progresses at different speeds.

It’s understandable that you want your business to be as qualified and successful as it can possibly be, right now, but that might not be realistic, and taking it out on your staff might simply widen the gulf between you and have them grow dissatisfied in their careers with you. However, the opposite approach might have the opposite effect.

Make it Part of Your Brand

A lot of the time, people enjoy chances to further their own development, that can often be what draws them to one professional position over another. Therefore, taking your ambitions for learning and development and making it a key part of your brand might be successful at drawing in employees who are eager to engage with what you have in place. While you do need to show understanding and patience with your employees throughout this process, it does also help if your employees are ready and willing to engage with the material.

This might also look good on the outside, as it shows that your business isn’t one that’s willing to simply settle, instead constantly striving to be better in every year.

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