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Find Out What to Do After Getting a DUI in Florida

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A DUI charge can be devastating, and it can change your life. Even if you’ve had nothing to drink, there are other factors that can affect field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests. If you don’t already have a plan in place before a DUI charge in Florida, it can ruin your life. Part of your plan should include hiring the best Florida DUI lawyer you can find. 

While you have the right to refuse breathalyzers and field sobriety tests, those rights come with consequences. If charges are brought in court, your refusal can be used against you as evidence of guilt. When it comes to court proceedings, details are key. Having a plan in place and working with the best Florida DUI lawyer can make all the difference. Here’s what to do after getting a DUI in Florida. 

Hire the Best Florida DUI Lawyer

The first thing you should do after a DUI charge in Florida is to contact the best Florida DUI lawyer you can find and review the details of your case. Most of the time, a Florida DUI lawyer will offer a free consultation so it shouldn’t cost money to at least seek counsel. 

A Florida DUI lawyer can advise you of your rights and your next best steps. They have access to the resources needed to vigorously defend your rights and prove your case. From expert witnesses to field investigators, a Florida DUI lawyer can access information you may have trouble finding.  

Preserve Your Driving Privileges

When people are arrested for a DUI in Florida, their driver’s license is usually suspended. If it’s the first offense, then the suspension is usually for 12 months. However, the citation you receive does act as a temporary permit offering you 10 days’ worth of driving privileges to get your affairs in order. 

Here’s what most people don’t know. There are instances where your driving privileges can be preserved if your attorney files the proper paperwork. It is not automatic, and the proper paperwork must be filed within those 10 days while you still have your driving privileges. This is yet another reason why it is crucial to find the best Florida DUI lawyer immediately after being charged with a DUI in Florida. 

Collect Details and Stay Organized

Staying organized is often the key to winning court cases, especially those involving DUI charges in Florida. It’s important to start a file with all documentation relating to your court case, including your citation and correspondence from your Florida DUI lawyer. 

Write down everything you can remember about the night you were charged with a DUI, including witnesses and people you may have come into contact with. It’s also important to set all your social media accounts private. Information found on social media can be taken out of context in court

Partner with an Exceptional Florida DUI Lawyer

The consequences of a DUI can be devastating and permanent, so you want to do everything you can to fight it. It’s crucial to partner with an exceptional Florida DUI lawyer who is familiar with the laws of the state and prepared to fight for your rights in court. The right Florida DUI lawyer can mean the difference between winning your case and having a drunk driving offense on your permanent record. Take the time to plan accordingly and find a skilled Florida DUI lawyer who can fight for you when the time comes.  

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