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Hi8 Vs. 8mm Video Tape: What’s the Difference?

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Videotape technology was once the go-to format for recording and watching movies. Nowadays, digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets have replaced videotapes as the preferred method of capturing memories. 

However, many people still possess old Hi8 or 8mm videotapes featuring cherished memories, which they’d like to convert into digital formats to preserve them for the future.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between Hi8 and 8mm videotapes, their benefits and uses, as well as how to convert them into digital files.

What Is a Hi8 Video Tape?

Hi8 (or High Band 8mm) is a consumer-level analog video recording format that was launched in 1989 by Sony. Hi8 tapes are similar in size and appearance to 8mm videotapes, however, they store significantly higher-quality video images and sound.

Hi8 was popular for home video cameras and camcorders due to its compact size, affordability, and image quality, which was far superior to previous, more obsolete film formats. 

Hi8 tapes can record up to around 240 minutes of video at SP recording speed, or up to around 120 minutes of video at the LP (long play) recording speed. And if you would like to convert Hi8 to digital, services such as Capture can help you do so.

What Is an 8mm Video Tape?

8mm videotape (also referred to as Video8 or Digital8) is an analog format used by many consumer-level camcorders and video cameras in the 1980s and 1990s. 

This compact video cassette was much smaller than traditional VHS tapes, but could store up to an hour of footage at standard recording speed, and twice as much at EP (extended play) speed.

8mm videotapes can be distinguished from Hi8 tapes by their narrower width. 8mm video tapes contain a thinner magnetic tape than standard VHS tapes but are slightly bulkier than Hi8 cassettes. 

Unlike Hi8 tapes, 8mm videotape didn’t offer any improvements in image quality or sound recording over the finally obsolete VHS format.

The Benefits of Using Hi8 over 8mm Video Tapes

Hi8 offers several advantages compared to 8mm videotape, allowing for significantly better image and sound quality. 

Hi8 tapes are capable of recording up to 500 lines of resolution (compared to around 250 lines offered by 8mm video tapes). This means that you can convert Hi8 tapes into digital formats with far better clarity and color accuracy than for 8mm videotapes.

In terms of sound recording, Hi8 is also much better than 8mm video tape. Hi8 cassettes are capable of capturing stereo audio at a much higher quality than 8mm video tapes. 

The increased resolution and sound quality offered by Hi8 have made it one of the most popular formats for capturing home videos. 

Digitizing Hi8 and 8mm Video Tapes

If you’ve got old Hi8 or 8mm videotapes, the first step towards preserving them for future generations is to convert them into digital formats.

The easiest way to convert these videotapes into digital formats is to use a video transfer service. If you’re looking for a video transfer service aside from Costco, there are many services available online, including Capture, which can convert your videotapes into digital formats with care, attention to detail, and the highest quality. 

Alternatively, you could convert them yourself using a VCR and capture card. This method is more time consuming and requires more technical knowledge, but it’s an effective way to convert your tapes into digital formats.

In Conclusion

Hi8 and 8mm videotapes were two of the most popular formats for capturing home videos, but there’s no doubt that they are running head-first into obsoletion. 

If you’ve got old Hi8 or 8mm videotapes that you want to convert into digital formats, the best way to do it is by using a professional video transfer service, such as Capture. This will ensure that your precious memories are preserved in the highest quality possible, so they can be enjoyed for years to come. 

So don’t delay — digitize your video tapes and solidify your legacy today!

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