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How is a wedding registry different from regular gifts?

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Wedding registries are a way of asking for gifts. They can provide added organisation to your wedding in Australia and make it easier for guests to find the perfect gift. Most couples have some idea of what they want by the time their wedding rolls around—whether that means you’re looking for silverware or champagne glasses—but if something specific catches your eye, it’s nice to let people know in advance. A wedding registry in Australia will allow guests to explore different options without asking first.

Are wedding registries the same as gift lists?

Wedding registries are a way for you to buy gifts for your wedding. You can register for anything from silverware and towels to china sets and cocktail glasses in Australian stores.

So what’s the difference between a regular gift list and a wedding registry? A regular gift list is just that—a list of things people can buy for you as gifts, but it doesn’t come with any money attached. And if someone gives you one of those things off your list, they were nice enough to get something off your wishlist!

But how will you know if your friends will like something you put on your wedding registry in Australia? Don’t worry about that too much—you don’t need everyone on board with every item for it to work out great! That’s why wedding registries are so awesome: because even if someone doesn’t like the same things as their guests do, there are still plenty of options available so each family/friend group can find something meaningful for them (and hopefully also feel good about bringing happiness into someone else’s life).

Can guests bring something not listed on a wedding registry?

If you’re concerned about your wedding party bringing a duplicate gift, don’t be. As long as the item is wrapped and in good condition, you’ll likely be grateful. Guests will typically not know what your registry looks like, so they might even bring something from their collection or the store that has caught their eye.

Your closest friends and family members may have an eye for things that would make great gifts for you, so don’t be afraid to ask them what they think would work well for your home—they may know something that isn’t on any registry!

For example:

  • A set of dishes (your registry doesn’t include this)
  • A new set of glasses (you have some but not enough)

Is it possible to create a joint registry with your partner?

Yes, it is possible to create a joint registry with your partner. Some registries allow you to register as a couple, and some allow you to register as a family. If you’re unsure which option works best for you, check out the options available on each registry.

Some registries also allow small group registries for friends or co-workers who want to contribute financially but don’t want to buy gifts. These can be especially helpful when several people with different tastes or budgets register together—they can all chip in together without worrying about finding the perfect gift individually.

Should you make returns for unwanted items from the registry?

Many couples choose not to include returns on the items they add to their wedding registry. When it comes down to it, returning an item that you know you’ll never use, or need is just a hassle.

It may seem like a good idea at first, but if you’re looking for a way out of having your own set of measuring cups when you already have some and don’t want any more, then keep in mind that these things take time. You’ll have to pack up the item(s), find somewhere else willing to accept them (the person who gave them as gifts) and then finally wait for delivery back home from wherever they were sent—and that’s only if there are no problems along the way!


Answering these questions will help you understand how to use wedding registries. They’re a great way of getting exactly what you want that can be used at home after the big day.

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