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How to beat the bookies: is there a winning strategy?

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A bettor is not a professional if he does not adhere to any strategy of the game. There are huge tricks to beat the bookies in N1 Bet sport betting but they are all divided into two large sections: gaming strategies and financial.

There are many similar schemes, but they all fall into two categories: gaming and financial. Of the most common of them, it’s worth starting. Among the gaming, there are three main ones:

  • value betting
  • arbitrage rates;
  • catch up.

It based all of them on mathematical calculations. But it’s not worth studying them so thoroughly, the main thing is to understand the basic principle. Also, Read More About – Sky247 App

The most popular betting strategies

Well-known game strategies are betting techniques on favorites, outsiders, a draw, a losing favorite at home, totals and so on. There are a lot of options. All of them are intuitive and have their specifics when used by one or another player. Next, let’s briefly consider common financial and mathematical systems in betting:

Martingale System

One of the most popular strategies is tricks to beat the bookies. The logic is simple, but the system is effective. With it, you can double the bet size after each loss until we win. This will allow you to win back the lost funds and go into the plus. Of course, you need to bet on coefficients from 2.00.


The only win-win strategy known to the masses. Allows you to make money on arbitrage situations. Often there are conditions when you can bet on all outcomes of one match in different bookmakers. And then get a guaranteed profit because of the difference in the coefficients of two or more bookmakers. These are forks.

The Kelly Criterion

This is an improved version of Value Betting, which allows you to determine the right amount for a bet.


The simplest bankroll management system. All the player’s bets have the same size. It is safer than progressive strategies but does not give an advantage over BC.

A percentage of the bank

An analog of a flat, only in this case you need to put a fixed percentage of the bank every time.


Quite interesting betting techniques games. Here you need to choose two opposite outcomes of the duel, which will form a kind of corridor of bets. After that, you need to get into it. It is necessary to make the most accurate predictions to win both bets. The advantage of such a system is a 100% win of one of the two bets under any circumstances.

D’Alembert’s Strategy

Unlike Martingale, D’Alembert uses arithmetic rather than geometric progression. This makes the system safer. After losing, increase the size of the next bet by the amount of the minimum bet, and if you win, reduce it by the same amount.

The Oscar Grind system

Here, after winning, the bet size increases by one unit, and when losing, its size remains unchanged. One is the amount set by the player. When the batterer’s win is equal to one, you need to return to the minimum bet amount again.

Let’s beat the bookies. Tips for players on choosing strategies.

Choose a strategy that suits a particular sport. It should be a universal system or a system created specifically for the competitions you are interested in.

Do not buy betting techniques. Often on the Internet, they offer to buy win-win sports betting strategies. Immediately ask yourself, why sell a tool that regularly brings profit without risks?

Be careful with progressive strategies that involve increasing the bet amount after losing. When using such systems, you need to have a bank for at least 10 bets.

Before playing the strategy, test it on minimum bets or paper.

There are no good or bad strategies. Some systems bring profit to the player, and some do not work. And, an effective strategy for one batterer may be unsuccessful for another. It is important to understand this truth and look for a suitable option for yourself.


Beat the bookies football tips can be attributed to a rather risky financial investment. But these investments bring more profit than a deposit or other bank offers.

If you are new to this business, it would not be superfluous to repeat the main axioms related to betting:

  • play only for the money that you have;
  • do not borrow money for the game;
  • do not play with family money, which is also not for betting;
  • do not start until you have collected enough money;
  • an amount that will cover over 49 bets can be called sufficient.

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