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How to choose a Chinese Silk Robe 2022

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What could be nicer than a soft, comfortable and body-friendly chinese silk robe.

Let’s try to understand together how to choose the right chinese silk robe.

What fabrics are used for tailoring Chinese Silk Robe

In order to sew silk robes, fabrics made from natural silk and synthetics are used.

A synthetic product does not require additional care, it is easy to wash and has a fairly low cost. Such a silk robe is perfect for the home, but not as a bathrobe , as it has low moisture absorption and does not let air through. It will be very hot in summer and cold in winter.

How to choose a Chinese Silk Robe?

Chinese silk robes have been around since public wear silk, which were popular in ancient cultures such as Rome, Turkey, and China. Today it is already a tradition to wrap yourself in a soft, warm terry chinese silk robe in a home, rome or after a warm bath or steam room, or after all kinds of spa treatments.

Things to consider when choosing a Chinese silk robe:

  1. A chinese silk robe should be loose and comfortable. The optimal length  is somewhere between the knees and ankles and the sleeve should also be of the appropriate length.
  2. The silk of a chinese silk robe should absorb moisture as much as possible, which means that everything that is not 100% is swept aside.
  3. Among the chinese silk robe there are varieties with a difference in smell, read more below. Some of them may be more or less comfortable than others.
  4. Consider the temperature of the air in which you will wear your chinese silk robe. 
  5. Pay attention to pockets, their presence will make your time comfortable if you need to carry some little things with you.
  6. Feel free to choose a bright color. It is unlikely that many people will see you in a chinese silk robe, so this is an opportunity to choose your favorite bright color.
  7. The price of a chinese silk robe: you can search and pick up a cheap chinese silk robe or vice versa expensive, but do not forget that the price is highly dependent on quality. Alibaba offer you excellent quality at an affordable price.

Which chinese silk robe is suitable for home?

There are many options for home dressing chinese silk robes. Choosing achinese silk robe is based on the purpose for which you will use it and what you are going to do in it. Some use silk robes for household chores, while others use them to surprise their beloved man and show off their perfect figure, others just to feel warm, soft and comfortable in him. It also all depends on how much you are willing to spend in order to gain a sense of coziness and comfort. Below you can see the varieties of silk robes that are ideal for the home.

What are the types of chinese silk robes

Among all the existing varieties of chinese silk robe, there are several types that are suitable for any occasion, with the right material. Buy high-quality bathrobes, and they will serve you for quite a long time, giving you coziness, warmth and comfort!

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