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How To Choose Adult Diapers For Your Elderly Parents

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How To Choose Adult Diapers For Your Elderly Parents

Incontinence can affect anyone at any age. Nevertheless, this condition is more prevalent among the elderly population. Going by the findings of the Global Forum on Incontinence, approximately 400 million people globally (a little of 5% of the world’s population) suffer a form of incontinence.

The percentage can further escalate as the population ages, according to experts. The dignity-stripping affliction can cause severe mental anguish and social withdrawal. However, it is not a disease but a manifestation of another underlying case that is treatable or manageable.

Adult diapers help manage incontinence in adults. But it pays to conduct some research first. The different colors, styles, prices, and other aspects would have you stand in the adult diapers section for a long time, or worse still, purchasing the wrong diaper for adults.

You do not have to read every package in the adult store; this piece will provide valuable tips for choosing the correct adult diaper in the drug store for your aging parent. The following are the factors to look into when buying adult incontinence briefs.

1. Understand Patient Needs

Who is the parent that needs incontinence diapers? Get the mens adult diapers for your grandpa and the female design for your granny. Also, understand that not all adult diapers are equal. It pays to find one that addresses your aging parent’s needs.

Therefore before you start your search, it is vital to understand the severity of your parent’s condition and the level of protection they require.

Incontinence exhibits various forms, including urge, stress, functional, and overflow incontinence. Each type needs a special kind of treatment.

Urge incontinence, for instance, is a sudden strong urge to urinate, leading to heavy leaks or sometimes just moderate leaks. In contrast, stress incontinence happens when there is stress in the bladder. It can happen when your parents sneeze or cough, characterized by small leaks.

There is a type of diaper for specific severity hence understanding their level of severity will help you pick the correct diaper for them depending on its protection and absorbency. That means that you need high-absorbency diapers for parents that leak more.

2. Choosing the Appropriate Size

The right size means choosing a diaper with a comfortable fit and effectiveness. These diapers are available in many sizes, and selecting the appropriate size for your parent will ensure comfort while preventing leaks. Determine the right size with the following tips.

  • Measure their hips and waist using a measuring tape.
  • With the measurements, refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to find the perfect size.
  • Avoid diapers that are too big or too small, as they can lead to discomfort and leaks.
  • Get a size that will feel snug but not too tight. It should provide ample coverage to avoid leakages.

The type of diaper to choose also determines the size because some adult diapers have adjustable tabs allowing for a more customized fit. Some come with cuffs, waistbands, or elastic legs for comfort and security.

3. Your Parent’s Lifestyle

What is your parent’s level of activity? It determines your choice of the correct adult diaper for them, given that some parents still want to continue their active lifestyle even in their old age. Such individuals want a diaper they can wear under their clothes or ones that are as unobtrusive as possible. Moreover, they wish to wear diapers, commonly called pull-ups, and look like brief-style underwear. With such a diaper, your active parent can confidently continue their lifestyle.

More sedentary parents prefer tab-style diapers. They are almost similar to baby diapers, closed with adhesive tabs around their waists. Tab-style diapers are often bulkier than pull-ups and better for absorbency. Consider these if your parent is a heavy incontinence sufferer.

4. Reusable or Disposable?

People may consider cloth diapers because they are more environmentally friendlier than disposable ones. These will not cause much trash to build up at home. On the other hand, disposable ones are more convenient.

Most people prefer disposable adult diapers. They are ideal for parents with skin issues. If your loved ones are prone to skin issues and use a cloth diaper, their skin deterioration can worsen. Never buy it for your bed-bound parent.

5. Absorbency Level

Absorbency is the most crucial factor to consider. Adult diapers are available in light to heavy absorbency levels. Understanding your parent’s needs and their level of incontinence can help you pick the right one that prevents leaks and ensures comfort. If your parents experience dribbles or light leaks, you should get them a diaper with low absorbency, like a liner or pad.

Diapers with light absorbency absorb small amounts of liquid and offer discreet protection. But if your loved one experiences moderate to heavy leaks, get them an adult diaper with high absorbency because these can handle more significant amounts of liquid. They also provide enhanced protection against odors and leaks.

6. Price and Quality

It is vital to do in-depth research to find quality adult diapers at a discounted price. The market offers numerous competitively priced diapers. Prices cannot dictate your choices, but the cheapest may not be the best option. Here is where your research comes in; read reviews online about different brands before purchasing.

Other Factors To Consider

The above tips help you identify the best adult diaper for your parents. But it is essential to consider a few more factors, such as wetness indicator, wicking diapers, and diapers with odor control. These factors also differentiate between product options.

The wetness indicator, for instance, lets the wearer know when it is full to prevent overflow leakage. Wicking diapers absorbs the urine away from the wearer’s skin and into the padded core, thus preventing skin rash and other skin infections. Finally, not all diapers have odor-control features. This feature will always be visible on the packaging.

Summing Up

You want to buy the correct adult diaper for your aging parent. An excellent product goes a long way in restoring their freedom and confidence.

After research, buying one does not have to be a big deal. Identify parent needs, condition severity, and the appropriate size. If you are unhappy with the current brand, try a different one next time and see how things go. Always choose the right product and help them enjoy their lives once again.

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