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How to Plan a Team Party

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Throwing an office party for your employees is an excellent way to boost their morale and have fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a random office party, annual or a holiday party; make sure it’s a bang that they will remember for years. So, are you ready to organize a party for your office that will be memorable? Below are four tips to help you prepare and plan a team party.

1.Stick to a Budget

Having a budget allows you to plan efficiently not to have problems later on.

A budget gives you an idea of what you should or shouldn’t spend on. List what you will need for the party and estimate the number of items you need and their cost. Thus, the list will help you organize and narrow down your list according to your budget. If you want to buy liquor, write down how much it will cost and stick to that.

2.Consult Your Staff

Before you start planning, seek input from the staff and know what they would like in a party. The staff will feel proud and included. Ask your employees, the ideas that they have and their recommendations.

Ask them about the theme, menu, or location, take the best ideas, and write them down. Then pick the ideas that will suit your budget and workplace culture. Otherwise, even if you plan a well-decorated party that none of your staff likes, it will not serve the purpose it intended to.

3. Think About Giving Out Prizes

Having a party for your staff is a good gesture but adding small gifts shows a great deal of appreciation. You can decide to have surprise raffles, door prizes and souvenirs, as long it doesn’t exceed your budget.

Apart from material gifts, you can recognize your hard-working employees by giving employee of the month awards, and so on. Giving out special prizes like that will make that a day to remember. Make these acknowledgments then the climax of the party.

Besides, your staff deserves to be acknowledged for their contributions to your company’s growth.

4. Choose a Convenient Location

The venue should be convenient for the staff whether you plan to hold the party within the office or outside. The venue is always crucial for an office party.

Some people may not want to attend a party too far from their home or office. Also, make sure the party’s venue is big enough so people can move quickly and be comfortable.

Whether you’re planning to hold the party outside or just in your workplace, make sure it’s convenient for everyone. Most people don’t want to attend a party if it’s too far from their office or home. Thus, before deciding on a venue, research to help you pick the right spot.

Once you find the right venue, find out if the day you want to throw the party can be booked and make payments.

5. Order the Right Food and Drinks

A party cannot be complete without having excellent food on the menu. Hire a reputable catering team to help serve the best food and drinks at the party.

Buy drinks for the party, and don’t forget to buy alcoholic drinks because they break the ice in awkward silences and make people converse more.

However, since some people don’t drink, it would be better to mix the drinks and buy non-alcoholic drinks too. Also, make sure you have someone bartending to avoid people drinking too much to the point of misbehaving.

Not having enough food and beverages at your staff party could turn a well-thought party into a disaster.

6. Provide Entertainment

Lining up entertainment can make your office party memorable.

None of your employees would want to be at a party without music or engagement. And there are many fun activities you can try to make the party lively, including:

  • Hire a DJ to play music
  • Hire dancers and a band to entertain people
  • Hire magicians
  • Play trivia games and contests

With all these activities available, your party will have people laughing and engaging in small conversations and will look forward to the next party.

Final Thoughts

As discussed above, the above points are ways to hold a memorable team party. As long as you plan well and use those tips, you will have a great party from start to end that your staff will remember for days.

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