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How To Take Down An Old Fence?

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Fencing proves to be a good alternative when you want to add a new character to your yard. However, your yard might already have an outdated fence, and removing this fence can get tedious. Even the most simple fence can take a lot of time to get removed. Therefore, you need to take proper precautions when carrying out this task. The best thing you can do here is to get in contact with a company that has expertise in fence installation in Springfield, IL. Before taking out the fence, you need to know some important factors, these are as follows:

Who is the owner of the fence?

There can be a chance that you share your fence with your neighbor. Therefore, you must first know who is responsible for taking care of the maintenance and removal of the fence. For carrying out this task without any conflicts, you need to take all the necessary permissions. Having a friendly chat with your neighbor can help them understand the importance of having a new fence installed. You can also tell them how the new fence will help them deal with all the security-related issues. 

Get in touch with a local utility company

The process of fence removal requires you to dig the fence posts. Carrying out the process of digging can be dangerous, as there can be a number of things running under your garden. Therefore, to avoid getting into a dangerous situation, you need to contact your local utility company.

Removal of the panels

Most of the time the panels are the only components that need to be replaced. The posts can still be used to hang the newly installed panels. To take off your panels effectively, check the condition of the wood. If the wood is of good quality, you can also utilize it in creating something else for your garden. The fencing company can use several tools to remove the fence. This may include an electric saw to saw the materials down. Hammers can also be used to bang the wood in order to take it down. To free the board, they take out the nails in a safe manner first. Wearing gloves is extremely necessary when carrying out such a process. Also, carry out this task very carefully as there will be nails coming out of the wood. 

The fence post can also be replaced in case they are damaged or are leaning. These posts might be placed on a concrete footing, therefore, having a help of a fencing company is very important. On the other hand, posts that are directly connected to the ground can easily be removed. 

All these processes might seem easy but require a lot of professional experience. A beginner must definitely avoid carrying out such a task on their own. The process can also take several days to complete depending on the size and depth of the post. Therefore, leaving the process in the hands of the experts is the best thing to do. 

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