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Magnesium: What Are the Advantages and Why Do You Need It?

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Magnesium is a vital mineral in the human body, a lack of which can lead to multiple bodily issues. As such, the compounds of magnesium are sold in many marketable forms like liquid chalk and magnesium spray at stores and boutiques in Australia.

So through this blog, you will get to know more about magnesium, the sources of this essential mineral, and how it is beneficial for you and your body. Read on to get enlightened!

What Is Magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the essential minerals that aid in maintaining the overall health of the human body. It promotes calcium absorption and has a fundamental part in the formation and building the bones and teeth.

You can find natural sources of magnesium in leafy vegetables like spinach and in sea vegetables, along with other whole grains that form a significant part of a regular balanced diet. Other sources include beet greens, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, lentils, barley, wheat flour, peanuts, sweet potatoes, etc.

Daily Recommendations

As per the Institute of Medicine, males need about 400 to 420 milligrams of magnesium daily. On the other hand, females should take 310 to 320 milligrams every day.

Lactating or childbearing women would need extra magnesium amounts amounting to 310 to 400 milligrams per day. And kids need 80 to 240 milligrams, and adolescents require 360 to 410 milligrams of magnesium daily.


There are several health benefits related to magnesium consumption in the human body. And with some magnesium supplements, you will surely be able to improve your health in multiple ways. So here are some of the common health advantages:

Treatment of Psychiatric Issues – ADD

Magnesium is known to comfort psychiatric disorders like stress, undue agitation, anxiety, and panic attacks. Moreover, many researchers believe that magnesium plays a substantial role in improvising ADHD and ADD in children.

Higher stress levels and low nutrition primarily cause ADHD and ADD. Meanwhile, the present-day diets of children have a lot of refined sugars, additives, and processed elements and are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium also relaxes the mind and body to prevent issues like these, while magnesium deficiency is also equivalent to oxidative stress.

Reduces Constipation

Magnesium is a great help in relieving constipation. Even the severely constipated state can be corrected with a high dosage of water-soluble magnesium supplements, as it has laxative properties, which allow intestinal muscles to relax.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Lower magnesium levels in the body reflect higher inflammation inside, which translates to chronic diseases and premature aging. Meanwhile, many studies reveal that magnesium supplements lower C-reactive protein levels in the body, which contributes to inflammation.

Prevention of Asthma

If you are looking at options to calm down your breathing, as an Asthma patient, magnesium could be the answer. Magnesium supplements are known to relax bronchial muscles and regulate normal breathing in the human body.

You can find solutions to breathlessness and wheezing through the intravenous injection of the magnesium in the body.

Energy Boost

Magnesium is no less than an energy booster for the body. It enables the process of energy production along with activating enzymes that help build cellular energy.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that your body must have in regulated amounts. And there are multiple ways through which you can take magnesium, beginning from whole grains and nutritious foods to using a magnesium spray. However, you should ensure that your body receives only the right amount of the mineral since excess of anything is harmful.

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