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No matter how much time passes, when you first step foot in Venice it will immediately feel like stepping into an old postcard. The secular buildings, the sound of the water flowing all around you. It’s impossible not to imagine what it must have been like to see this exact landscape centuries ago.

When we think of Venice, the Renaissance period always comes to mind, as it was then that La Serenissima reached the peak of its economic and cultural growth and objects made of blown glass were particularly sought-after during that time. Ever since the furnaces were moved to Murano, the small isle has become a symbol of authenticity regarding the production of these unique glass items, which are all handcrafted according to the traditional techniques by the Glass Masters.

Ornate mirrors are just one of the items that for centuries have been produced in Murano. These Decorative Glass Mirrors were used to embellish the richest buildings, not just in Venice, but in the rest of the world as well. These pieces are created through a long and complex process, during which the glass is sectioned as to fit seamlessly inside the frame; it is later hand-carved, creating a bas-relief-like decoration on the surface. The glass is then transformed into an actual reflecting surface and at last the Glassmaking Artisans manually add gold or silver leaves to the mirror and mount it on its frame. The result is an elegant ornamental piece.

These items are actual artworks. Each decoration is hand-engraved, making every product you’ll find at YourMurano a true luxury item. Having one in your home also means having a symbol of authentic made in Italy craftmanship.

You can place it wherever you like! It will never be overshadowed and will stand out in any room while also brightening up your whole house.

Whether you want a traditional or modern style for your home décor, a mirror is an item of outmost importance. So why not choose one that was handmade in Murano, the City of Glass? Check out the options available in our collection. You can have your mirror engraved with gold or silver by our Glassmaking Artisans, or you can have it delivered to a friend or loved one in one of our gift boxes!

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