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Nicole Flenory : know About Bio, Age ,Height, Weight

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Nicole Flenory is a well-known interior decorator. She gained fame not only for her career but also for being the younger sister of BIG Meech, a famous rapper, and a notorious drug dealer. Their family had financial difficulties during their upbringing, and her brother became involved in various aspects of crime, including selling narcotics.  Despite the difficulties she faced in her upbringing, Nicole has gone on to make a name for herself as a successful interior decorator, while keeping her distance from her brother’s criminal activities.

Nicole’s Early life

Nicole’s early life was marked by hardship, having grown up in Dartmouth, Detroit, Michigan, USA, alongside her two older brothers, Big Meech and Southwest T. As the youngest child of the Flenory family, Nicole is of African-American descent and is said to be six years younger than her well-known older brother, Big Meech. Her brother became involved in various aspects of crime, including selling narcotics. Despite this, Nicole focused on her education and attended a local school in her locality.

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Nicole’s career

Nicole’s career is in the field of interior designing and decoration. She has worked hard to establish her reputation in the industry, and she holds a reputed position. While there is no information on her professional life, she is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares glimpses of her life with her followers.

Nicole Flenory and Black Mafia family series

Nicole’s relationship with the Black Mafia Series has garnered attention, as it portrays her brother and their lives in a detailed manner. The series depicts drug dealing, money laundering, and their recording company, along with the famous American rapper, 50 Cent, who is an efficient and effective producer. Nicole even posted a picture of a pricey gift from 50 Cent, which was a major recognition for the BMF TV show. She was also portrayed in a web series with Laila D. Pruitt, a 17-year-old American actress from Georgia.

Physical Stats

She has a warm undertone of the skin with a dusky complexion, black eyes, and dimples. However, her body measurements, weight, and height are unknown to the public. She has short hair length and wears braces. Nicole is married, but her husband’s name is not publicly known. She has two sons, Demetrius Steele and Dillan Steele. Demetrius works for the big 3 and is an entrepreneur and chef, while Dillan is an outspoken supporter of the release of Big Meech.

Net Worth of nicole flenory

Nicole’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. She prefers to keep her private life intact and does not speak much about it to the general public. Her upbringing was not easy, and she had financial difficulties during her childhood. Despite this, she has led an active life and has helped others.

In conclusion, 

Nicole Flenory is a well-known interior decorator in America and the younger sister of the famous rapper and drug dealer, BIG Meech. Despite her brother’s involvement in a criminal enterprise, Nicole has made a name for herself in the field of interior decorating and has distanced herself from her brother’s activities. She is married and has two children. Nicole’s early life was characterized by growing up in a household with a father who was also involved in drug trafficking, which may have influenced her decision to pursue a legal and successful career. Overall, Nicole’s story highlights the importance of making positive choices and using one’s talents and skills to create a successful life.

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