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Tactics and Strategies to Win in Live Roulette Joo Casino

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Working strategy to win from Live Roulette.95% probability to win at Joo Casino live session. Logic and mathematical bets.Victory bonuses for new and existing players.

Surprisingly top quality Live Games casino

We did not recline in the headline, and we will surely determine you a plan on the boundary of mathematics and psychology, which will admit you to succeed at the casino. Even if it will not constantly be cash, but a healthy spirit, definitely!

Joo Casino is an online betting product authorized in 2014, and holding on the arms of a market titan known as Direx N.V. Casinos. The site itself is given in 4 languages: English, German, Swedish and Russian, which lets all the world’s clients feel free.

This famous online casino possesses an elegant and neat design, as well as an expert touch to its polished gray design. The interface has been well done and thought through, and the overall exploration is customer-friendly. This online platform is accredited by the jurisdiction of Curacao and guards your delicate information with needed encryption technology.

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Joo Casino is charged by over twenty suppliers like Evolution Gaming, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Thunderkick, Ezugi, and Yggdrasil, which involves the coolest entertainments around under one cover. What’s surprisingly great, is that you can hunt for the contests based either on the mentioned provider or just manually.

Modern technology allows clients at Joo Casino to appreciate gambling Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Punto Banco, and Live Roulette daily. The live casino games folder guides over 30 kinds of suggested games, so all portraits of customers will have the joy of their preferences.

A company of charming and trained hostesses and croupiers will display for you in real-time, and due to the most advanced HD webcam technology, you will have to virtually touch your dealer as if he or she is exactly beyond you! Moreover, JooCasino live roulette allows you to chat with your host as the game rolls.

Who wins in the JooCasino?

Loses that one who comes to earn easy money. Spending time in posh and excitement brings bigger chances to win. So, before clicking to the casino, define the money you are ready to lose. According to American game association statistics at Las Vegas casino, only 5% love to play roulette, others 74% play slots.

So, how to enter this 5% to win? The difference when you play with a slot or live roulette is in the first case you play with the black box that decides your luck. In live roulette, your concurrent is a theory of possibility with objective rules that you can see online plus the human factor.

Some governments decline on their level the compulsory percentage of wins. It is up to 95% in Las Vegas. In live roulette, the casino appetite is only 2.7%!

Roulette rules in easy language

On the live roulette wheel, there are numbers from 0 to 36 scattered in a circle. This is European roulette. Let’s cut now 0 and 00 for simplicity, believing that we have only 36 numbers. The chance that a definite number will be drawn at random is 1 in 36. This indicates that you have only 1 in 36 possibilities of calculating which number will be drawn. All 36 numbers are colored equally black and red.

According to the live roulette rules, you can locate a chip not only on a specific number or on black-red, but also cover several numbers with one chip at once. Don’t forget to chat with a handsome live dealer. What if he or she will give you a secret sign?

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Magic stories and fairy methods to win the live roulette

Beginners are lucky

Actually, it’s true. Professionals are also champions, but not much attention is paid to it. Casino owners mostly make publicity for beginners who marked one number with 1 and got 36 chips suddenly.

If 10 times dropped red, next will be black

It’s a psychological delusion, that is partly true. When we see 9-time red, we don’t hesitate about 10-time black. In fact, the probability is still 50/50.

The casino is an expensive game for oil tycoons

This is not true. The minimum bet is $5. Means you can play all evening for $100. According to roulette rules, it’s rather more possible to win than to lose. That’s why casinos make limits on the maximal bets.

How to win real money at roulette with minimal cost

  • Firstly, never bet on a specific number.
  • Never bet on black and red only.

Place 5 chips at once, covering 5 blocks of 6 numbers (known as “6-line”). In roulette, there is a bet option when 6 consecutive numbers are covered with one chip. It looks like this – point “F”.By betting on 6 numbers, in case of winning, you got 6 instead of one bet placed. The probability of winning is 1 to 6.

Yes, there are no miracles, if we win, our wallet will grow with only one chip, and if one of the “not our” 7 numbers fall out, we will lose 5 chips. But the key point here is that we will win 5 times more often than we will lose! According to the same theory of getting pleasure from the game, you can bet 2 chips, closing 2 lines of 12 numbers.

And you can bring the theory to the point of craziness – take 35 chips and close 35 numbers at once, leaving only 2 numbers at the discretion of God’s fate. With a 95% probability (that is, in 35 out of 37 cases), you will return 35 chips to yourself and receive an additional 1 prize.

Don’t forget about Joo Casino bonuses and loyalty program

Joo Casino’s signifies ‘The Winner’s Club’ and this is where you fit in. The casino chooses to repay its gamers and expectedly convert them into champions and it does so via a 4 stages welcome package, open-ended live tournaments, and exciting weekly offers.

Customers can deposit and withdraw with a wide field of payment methods, including Bitcoin. The live casino is constantly adding bonuses for just registered users to make them love the Live Roulette option. The profitable VIP club that just keeps on satisfying loyal gamers. Come sign in to the club and Joo Casino and discover what all the roulette excitement is about!

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