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The Importance Of Fire Rated Door Frames

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Fire rated door frames play an important part in reducing the amount of damage done to property and preventing injury to people. Doors are an essential component in the fire resistance of a building because they facilitate the orderly egress of residents and stop the spread of fire and smoke to neighbouring areas. There is a wide range of fire ratings, from twenty minutes to three hours. The only kind of door material that is commonly available and has a rating of three hours is hollow metal.

It has never been permissible to engage in the practise of manufacturing a door frame on-site or in a workshop, installing a door, and then assuming that the outcome was a real fire door installation as a consequence of doing so.

For door frames to properly complement fire-rated doors and sliding fire doors, they need to correspond to the standards listed on the data sheet for the door leaf. It is possible for the manufacturer of the door leaf, an organisation that is authorised to create door frames, or a distributor to sell frames that have been certified to fulfil the requirements of certain door leaves.

What Exactly Is A Fire Door Frame?

A fire door frame is one of numerous parts that comprise a fire door. The door leaf, hinges, and intumescent fire seals are other important components. Depending on the intended usage of the fire door, a self-closing mechanism, signs, latch, smoke seals, lock, and door furnishings may also be required. The performance of a fire door is determined by the performance of all of its components when they operate together. As a result, achieving fire performance by installing a single fire-rated component in isolation is impossible. A fire door leaf installed in an inadequate door frame is not a fire door since the current door frame was not planned or built to offer any fire separation performance at all.

Currently, it is simple to get certificated fire door frames, which will include a label indicating the relevant fire rating.

Considerations When Choosing Fire Rated Door Frames

When selecting fire-rated door frames for your next project, be sure to consider the following:

  • The glass must have the same fire-resistance grade as the frame in order for the frame to be fire-resistant. Depending on the kind of glazing, different restrictions may apply.
  • In addition to concerns about the door’s structural integrity and its ability to operate properly, the opening sizes might be limited by the manufacturer’s standards.
  • The wall thickness is equivalent to the depth of the frame jamb. In the case of custom profiles, it is essential to check whether or not a fire-rated configuration is available.
  • Light and lock cutouts need extreme consideration in order to guarantee that they will not lower the fire rating.

Why Do You Need Fire Rated Door Frames?

In terms of fire safety and building compliance, entrances and exits may seem to play a little role. In order to be sure of the safety of your residents in the case of a dire circumstance, such as a structure fire, you must provide them with a method of exit. In addition, the doors and frames you choose for your construction will minimise smoke inhalation and draughts. The issue of preventing disasters is not always simple, but its significance is undeniable.

Fire-rated door frames and sliding fire doors are also subject to a variety of code regulations governing closers, hinges, locks, and other details that contribute to overall security, even down to the innermost core. In terms of fire safety and limiting heat transmission, the inside of a door may be just as crucial as its outside structure.

Added security may be found in even the most basic elements. This may include the use of intumescent strips or smoke seals. Intumescent strips are engineered to expand when exposed to high temperatures. This aids in the containment of a fire, hence minimising property damage. In a fire, there is more to worry about than simply the flames. Inhaling smoke kills more people than flames do, and preventing this may make all the difference. 

For this purpose, smoke seals were created. They are installed on all sides between the door frame and the door. Smoke seals prevent smoke from penetrating gaps, minimising the likelihood that it will infiltrate interior areas. This also prevents harmful smoke inhalation by occupants. The code requirements for the incorporation of these measures vary depending on the door’s location and time rating, but the safest doors often have both.

Fire regulations and fire-rated doors have several requirements and complexities. Outfitting your structure with the appropriate protection requires an in-depth understanding of what is necessary and a manufacturer that takes the time to comprehend its role in ensuring the safety of your occupants. Special-Lite takes correct construction and security seriously and has designed fire-rated doors with 20- to 90-minute ratings for a variety of uses. We can furnish your exteriors and interiors with doors and frames of the finest quality that correspond to all applicable fire rules.


The fire rated door frames are equally as important as the door itself for limiting the spread of flames, since it plays a crucial role in containing smoke and heat inside a single region of a structure. It makes sense to get a door frame from the same business that manufactures the door, since the two components must function perfectly together.

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