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Top Bowlers Of Australian Cricket Team

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It won’t be wrong to say that if batting helps in scoring runs, then bowling helps in preventing runs. For this reason, the bowler is considered the most significant player on defence in cricket. They are constantly in touch with every ball they bowl. Bowlers have lots of responsibilities on their shoulders to get the batsman out.

Talking about the best bowlers of world cricket and forgetting about Australia is not at all justice. Australia has given some brilliant bowlers to world cricket. And if we go by listing them, the list is very long. Let’s talk about some top bowlers of Australian cricket in detail as per the study of latest cricketing news.

1. Dennis Lillee 

Dennis Lillee is a splendid combination of speed and fury. He made a perfect combination with Jeff Thomson and gave some tough competition to the batsman of the opposite team, especially during the Ashes series of the 1974-75 season.

Dennis Lillee made his debut against the English team in 1971 in the Ashes series. He played brilliantly in that Ashes game. Talking about his total wickets, he took around 355 wickets in 70 test matches that he played in his entire career with the best performance of 7 wickets for 83 runs. He also managed to take 103 one-day international wickets. Lillee was well building figure which helped him in increasing speed and bounce to the ball.

 2. Glenn McGrath

Glenn McGrath is considered the most effective fast bowler in Australian cricket. He had brilliant wrist positioning which helped him take so many wickets in his entire cricketing career. He delivered some consistently seaming balls which turned out to be a big deal for the batsman of the opposite team. He started an international cricket career against New Zealand’s team.

In his entire international career of 14 years, he took around 563 test wickets from just 124 matches he played. It was the record holder for this thing which was later broken by Jimmy Anderson. His performance includes 8 wickets for 24 runs against the Pakistani team.

3. Mitchell Starc 

Mitchell Starc is currently part of the Australian squad and still actively playing cricket. Starc is an expert in fast and swings bowling. He has taken around 277 wickets in test match cricket and a total of 355 wickets in limited-over formats.

Starc is very famous for his conventional and reserve swing deliveries. It becomes very difficult for the bowlers to face Starc when he bowls perfectly in line and length. It’s a nightmare for the batsman to face reverse-swinging Yorkers.

4. Brett Lee

 It is safe to call Brett Lee Australia’s quickest bowler in modern times. He regularly threw the ball at a speed of over 90mph. His run-up and delivery of the ball are just magnificent and in turn, helped him throw quite fastballs.

Brett Lee along with Glenn McGrath formed a deadly combination for the batsman of the opposite team. He was an excellent bowler who made his debut in test cricket against the Indian team and took 7 wickets in total in that match. It was a boxing day test match and he performed brilliantly by taking 5 wickets in just one inning.

His name is being counted among Australia’s most successful fast bowlers and especially in test cricket. Brett Lee took 310 test wickets, 408 one-day international and t-20 international wickets.

5 Josh Hazelwood

Josh Hazelwood is currently part of the Australian squad. He is a fast bowler who contributes his part in making the Australian bowling attack more aggressive.

Hazelwood delivery speed is quite impressive. He can also deliver seam bowling due to his solid wrist movement.

 He can also bowl swings. In just 57 test matches, Hazelwood had taken around 215 wickets and also took 133 wickets in one-day international cricket. His career-best performance includes the 6 wickets for 67 runs in March last year.

Hazelwood has so much career ahead of him, and it is expected from him that he will break some more records in the days to come.

6. Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins is a fast bowler for the Australian cricket team. He is also the first captain of the Australian cricket team and is a fast bowler. He is one of the most respected players in the team, and it won’t be wrong to call him Australia’s fastest seam bowler.

His career was shadowed by injuries from the start. He made his debut against the South African team, and his brilliant performance in that match helped him gain popularity. He took 6 wickets in the second innings of the match by giving just 79 runs.

Cummins played only 40 tests but took 189 wickets till the first quarter of 2022.

7. Nathan Coulter- Nile 

Nathan Coulter-Nile is an Australian fast bowler who played international cricket. He was an expert in limited-over format. He regularly played IPL and various other franchise t-20 leagues. He hasn’t played many matches for the Australian national team but even in a few matches he has left a great impression. He is very much efficient in death overs. He has a brilliant economic rate.

8. James Pattinson 

James Pattinson has already said goodbye to international cricket but he is active in the domestic sphere. His tall body structure helps him deliver balls at 90 mph. He can create a lot of bounce. 

He could not play much international cricket because of injuries. He played just 21 test matches, 15 one-day international matches and just 4 T-20 internationals. In these few matches only, he collected huge wickets.

This is a list of some top bowlers of Australia. The list is so long. And not everyone can be included in it. But the remarkable contribution of bowlers can never be forgotten. Cricket Australia is indebted to them for their amazing deliveries. These bowlers have played a significant role in helping Australian cricket reach the height of success. It’s because of these amazing bowlers, the Australian cricket team is considered the most successful cricket team.

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