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Understanding the values and colors of poker chips [complete guide]

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Poker chips are the money used in poker. Players use them in cash games, tournaments, games at home, and in the casino or cardroom. They show dollar amounts during play and make it possible for everyone to know what those amounts are. A poker table also called a card table, is made just for playing card games. 

The poker table is the battleground for thrilling card battles, where players gather to test their skills and luck. Its smooth green felt surface invites intense concentration, while the engraved markings highlight the game’s nuances. As for the poker chips, they are the embodiment of value and excitement. Their vibrant colors and weight represent each player’s fortunes, representing their bets and potential victories. With every flick of a chip and shuffle of the deck, the poker table and chips create an atmosphere of anticipation and strategic thinking, making each game an unforgettable experience.

Colours and values for poker chips

Every casino, card room, and person who hosts a poker game at home can set their chip values. The values can change depending on who runs the tournament, who owns the casino, or what the local poker community thinks is fair. “How much are the poker chips worth?” should be one of the first questions a player asks at a new place.

Poker chip values

Most poker rooms use the same values for chips, which are $1, $5, $10, $20 or $25, $100, $500, and $1,000. When the stakes are higher, there are usually chips worth $5,000 and $1,000; some can be as high as $25,000 or $100,000.

Home games usually use the same chips. White is the least valuable, followed by red, blue, green, black, purple (or lavender), yellow, orange, and a different shade of green. Some places have pink and other kinds of blue.

Colours of poker chips

The main reason chips are used in poker games is to keep things consistent. Almost everywhere, players must trade their money for chips, which they can only use at the tables. All of the chips are the same size. Only the colours show how much each chip is worth. 

Colour coding also makes it easier for security systems to keep track of what’s going on at the tables because different colours and sizes of chip stacks are easier to see than dollar bills.

Cash games vs tournaments: Poker chip colours and their values

Every place that has poker will have different colours of poker chips for cash games and tournaments. The main reason is that each chip is worth the exact amount written on it in cash games. In tournaments, however, players pay a certain amount to join, which usually doesn’t match the number of chips they start with.

Another reason to use different chips is to stop people from sneaking cash game chips into a tournament. Chips for tournaments are kept in a very safe place until the event. Poker players can also control their chips and take them out of the casino, usually as souvenirs. 

The tournament chips, on the other hand, belong to the place where the tournament is held.

The colour can tell apart the two kinds of poker chips. Tournament chips have to be worth more, and they usually have the name of the event or host on them, like “World Series of Poker” or “World Poker Tour.”

Sizes of poker chips
The size of poker chips has changed over time, but now it’s the same in almost every casino. The diameter of most poker chips is 39 mm, but some high-limit chips may be a little bigger, up to 48 mm. A poker chip is usually about 3.5 mm thick. The weight can be between 7g and 20.5g, but most are between 8g and 14g.

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