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What Are the Editing Options Available in PDF?

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For many people, PDFs are their way of life. Whether you’re a student, a business worker or an avid reader, chances are you’ve encountered at least one file in this format. However, there are many different ways to edit a PDF, and not all of them work equally well.

What Is PDF?

PDF stands for “portable document format.” It’s a file type that preserves the formatting of a document, including fonts, graphics and layout while allowing it to be displayed on any computer system. In other words, if you edit your PDFs with Acrobat or another program that supports it, they’ll look exactly like they do in the original document when you open them again later on.

In addition to making edits to a file without losing its formatting (and some of its security), you can also attach additional information to PDF files using an extended version called XFA (XML Forms Architecture).

Moving Pages Around and Making Changes

You can move pages around and make changes to the order of pages. You can also add new pages, delete pages and sections, or delete or merge sections and split a PDF. For example, “PDF splitter lets you easily separate pages of PDF into multiple files,” Adobe Acrobat experts say.

Editing Options Available in PDF files

There are various editing options available in PDF files. Here’s the list of the editing options available in a PDF document:

  • Annotating and Referencing — You can add comments or notes on a specific page or all pages of your document by highlighting it, selecting “Annotate” from the tools menu, then typing away. You can also highlight text and make additions to it with sticky notes that appear as floating symbols above your document when you click on them.
  • Adding Images and Graphics — To add images to a page, simply drag them into it from Windows Explorer (or any other image organizer program). If you want to increase their size, just drag one of its corners until they reach the desired size; alternatively, use “Resize Page View” under Tools > Layout > Zoom Out / Zoom In option.

Referencing and Annotating in PDF Documents

You can also add comments and notes to your documents. This allows you to keep track of what changes have been made and by whom. You can also view all the comments made on a document to get everything important.

It is common for people to include a reference list at the end of their work. This can be done by adding a footer containing this list, but if you want something more sophisticated, then PDF Referencing would be better suited for your purpose.

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Adding Images and Graphics to a Document

You can add images and graphics to a document you create in PDF format. This is done in much the same way as it would be if you were working on a Word or PowerPoint file. You can choose from different types of images, including line art, photographs, and clip art. You can also insert links into your document that will take the reader directly to another web page when clicked on by their mouse.

PDF is a great format because it’s easy to use and allows you to create an editable document. This article has given you some of the best ways to edit your PDF files, so go out there and make some changes!

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