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What to Consider in Your Corporate Domain Name Strategy

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Most small and medium-sized businesses only ever need to register one domain name. Larger corporations, however, need to have a considered and robust domain name strategy to ensure that they protect and market their brand effectively. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when creating a domain name strategy. 

How well it reflects your brand

Any domain name you consider needs to be memorable, short, intuitive, and a good representation of your brand. As a rule, it should include your registered business name, and if possible, your primary keyword. Think of your domain as you would your physical premises, it has to portray your brand as effective, professional, and competent. You should also strive for a “.com” extension on your main domain as it is the most trusted website extension – in some cases, a local extension can be more effective (such as .de in Germany).

Register Domain Names for the Different Regions You Serve

Let’s say you are a company called Good Foods Inc., and you operate in the US, India, and Nigeria. Apart from your main goodfoods.com domain, you should have domain names for each locality. You can either choose to use the country name (goodfoodsindia.com) or the country domain (goodfoods.in). If the company serves the whole European Union, it could get a “.eu” extension. This localization allows customers and partners to hear from and communicate with the corporate HQs that serve them. 

Register Domains for Different Verticals

A lot of corporations offer services across different industries (verticals) and it can be helpful to register separate domain names for each. Sticking with the Good Foods Inc. example from the previous section, what if they also offered cloud services and operated a vehicle rental service as well? In that case, it would be wise to register a goodfoodscloud.com and a goodfoodsrentals.com domains as well. The different types of clients should be directed to websites that address their needs. Someone researching their car rental rates doesn’t need to interact with their food and cloud businesses. 

Register Domains for Specific Marketing Campaigns

A lot of businesses need to run specific marketing campaigns regularly. Consumer electronics retailers will always have a black Friday sale, clothing companies have Christmas sales, costume shops have to capitalise on Halloween, and textbook suppliers have to aggressively market themselves during back-to-school seasons. If you know the “peak” seasons when you have to run promotions, why not register domain names for that purpose? Again, sticking with the Good Foods Inc. example, if they had a Ramadan offer, it could help to maintain a goodfoodsramadan.com landing page and activate it when the season arrives each year. You can also register domain names for major marketing events such as new product launches or major rebranding efforts. 


The first step of any domain name strategy is making sure that the chosen domain name is memorable, short, and representative of your brand. Make sure you register domain names for each country or region that you operate in, a domain name for each vertical you offer products in, and domain names for regular and major marketing campaigns. 

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