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Why You’ll Love Retiring in Virginia

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Retirement is one of the most exciting and terrifying parts of life. You’re leaving the working phase of life and finally allowing yourself to stop and relax for a while. Virginia feels like it was made for retirees. No other state has this wonderful mix of affordability, beautiful views, and a deeply interesting history of the offering.

If you’re considering where to retire, and Virginia’s a curiosity for you, consider these reasons to move here!

Affordability Away From the Capital

Unless you’re looking at Arlington real estate, most housing in this beautiful state is affordable! Virginia is almost perfectly sitting on the average cost of living nationally, only tipping slightly over by 3% because of the area that’s surrounding Washington, DC.

Most of the state offers affordable housing that’s readily available, cheap food, health, utilities, entertainment, and so much more. Beyond that- there’s almost so much beauty here that it will stun you! 

Full Range of All Seasons

Some states have only two real seasons and then very muted versions of the other two: but Virginia gets the full range. From snow in the winter to hot and beautiful summers, this is an awesome place to feel the years pass and make the most out of every single season.

In retirement, it can feel like time is running by so quickly, but having these clearly marked seasons can make it a lot easier for everyone. Beyond that, it’s always fun to get festive and enjoy the most out of every change.

Incredible History to Explore

Virginia has thousands of years of history because of the indigenous people who have lived here and it is a major part of how the country came to be what it is today. Living here means you can explore this history.

Beaches or Mountains

Virginia is a fantastic example of how varied and gorgeous America can be. From endless beaches that are full of white sand and sparkling water to mountains that are as breathtaking as they are fun to explore, you can find the type of surroundings that speak to you.

Of course, you can also settle down in the plains in between to get the best of both worlds, but paradise isn’t far away, regardless of where you live in Virginia. This state can offer you a little bit of anything you want.

Lower Crime Rates and High Quality of Life

Crime rates can make a huge difference in whether a home feels safe or not to its inhabitants. Fortunately, Virginia’s crime rate is lower than the national average. This is still considered the south, and thanks to that, it still has that southern charm and hospitality. Moving here lets you feel like you’re moving into a community that already cares about and knows you.  

Even if you’re moving into a classic neighborhood and not a retirement community, you’ll get to connect with others and watch as everyone starts to feel a little bit like family!

Virginia Is a Dream Come True!

Whether you want a quiet beach home or a busy city condo, you can find your dream retirement in Virginia. Visit and get to know the many incredible reasons why this state is a dream come true. 

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