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3 Essential Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly

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In this technology-driven world, many human engagements have shifted online. From finding solutions to providing services, everyone is focused on creating an online presence to reach out and connect with the right people.

The first point of contact that every consumer and provider connects on our websites. Most firms either get a website dveeloped by their in-house team or they buy a prebuilt shopify stores. They are an essential platform for businesses to get closer to their potential customers. Rather than just being a platform for information, websites have become so much more critical for companies.

There are so many factors that can make websites user-friendly and contribute to creating a solid customer base. Your business website must be user-friendly to provide solutions, deliver quality content, and offer intuition to visitors.

Here are a few essential tips that can make your website user-friendly.

1.   Focus on Speed

The world we live in is always in a rush. Everybody is looking for quick solutions to their problems. That is why users expect it to be fast on all their devices when they open a website. If the website does not load in less than 5 seconds, they will likely leave.

If you want the user to stay on your website and purchase your product or service, the first step is to ensure that the speed of your website is up to the mark. You can use speed-checking tools to see if your website’s speed is up to the mark.

If there is a problem with speed, you can also try optimizing images on your website and minimizing the inclusion of external scripts.

2.   Improve the Layout

Unlike a few decades ago, every user does not have the time to turn on their personal computer to look for a solution, product, or service. Everyone has access to mobiles now, and the answer lies in clicking away. However, if your website is not accessible by cell phones, it can cause concern.

You can use mobile SEO services with First Page to create a responsive layout that can be supported on any device. Remember that your mobile and computer website version does not necessarily have to look the same. It just has to be comfortable for all mediums.

If the visitor has to zoom in to see little details and zoom out every time to go to another section, they will get irritated and leave your website, never coming back.

3.   Create Readable Content

When potential customers say they want fast solutions, they are not exaggerating. They do not spend time reading long paragraphs to find the information or product they are looking for. Yes, every business has a lot of information to share with its readers, but if they cannot grasp it, they will leave.

Users will always prefer precise information over lengthy paragraphs. Therefore, you must ensure to share information in a way that makes the reader comfortable.

Colors and fonts can also help you in achieving this endeavor. Make sure that the background and text colors are not too similar. And, of course, as pretty as fancy fonts seem, try keeping it simple using readable fonts.

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