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Check the relevance of legal advice for car accident claims in Bakersfield

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Drivers are expected to adhere to road safety norms, and despite all the warnings, mishaps are not rare in Bakersfield. Right after the car accident, you could be in a bad situation where you are dealing with your injuries, the police investigation, and consequences like being out of work. Expectedly, you want justice, especially when the accident was preventable but happened anyway due to the other driver’s reckless conduct. Negligence is the premise of all injury claims, and no matter how simple things may seem on paper, you need legal advice. In this post, let’s discuss why you need the expertise of an attorney for your car accident case.

Insurance companies are not working for you

When a claims adjuster calls to discuss an “offer”, they may seem friendly and nice. Remember that they work for the insurance company and only care for company profits. You cannot expect them to be honest, and more importantly, they could ask you to sign a general release or other documents. If you do that, the claims adjuster may access your previous medical records and claim that your injuries are unrelated to the accident. In other situations, you could end up accepting whatever is on the table because you don’t know any better.

An attorney can be your most significant resource and help as you negotiate things with the insurance company. Just ensure that you find a reliable lawyer who specializes in personal injury law and practices in Bakersfield. They will deal with the insurance company and take care of the claims process.

You need help with the investigation

This is an injury claim, which means you are responsible for providing evidence of fault. You need details to prove that the other driver could have avoided the situation but was reckless, distracted, or negligent. The evidence is often hard to retrieve, and without an attorney, your claim could be rejected. Attorneys work on car accident claims all the time and have the resources and contacts to gather valuable info. They will also look for potential ways to maximize your claim.

In conclusion

If you are worried about paying a car accident lawyer in Bakersfield, please note that law firms don’t charge a fee until you win. This arrangement is common for personal injury claims, and if you recover financial compensation, the lawyer gets a fixed part of that amount. Don’t waste time after a road accident – Call a lawyer now!

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