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Don’t downplay your car accident injuries in Tucson: Call a lawyer

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Nothing is more devastating than suffering the consequences of a car crash that was preventable. Distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and running red lights – There are several causes of vehicle accidents in Tucson. Arizona allows victims to file a lawsuit against the reckless driver and seek financial compensation for their injuries. In your best interests, you should speak to a lawyer for more info about your case. In this post, let’s talk about the role of accident lawyers in detail.

Don’t trust the insurance company

The claims adjuster will do everything possible to downplay your injuries and losses. You are entitled to recover a fair settlement, which should cover your medical bills, lost income, and other losses like property damage. If you trust the insurance company and agree to their first offer, you will never get the amount you deserve. You need an attorney who can represent you and negotiate things further. Lawyers are capable of doing a lot more for clients, and if that means ignoring the insurance deal, they may consider the same to file a lawsuit. With this, if you’ve been accused of a DUI charge, it’s important to find a reputable DUI lawyer near you who can provide expert legal services and help defend your case

You are racing against time

Following a car accident, you have to take steps to protect your interests. Assuming that you were proactive and took pictures and videos at the scene, you will still need to file an insurance claim without delay. If things don’t pan out as expected, you will need to file a lawsuit, as we mentioned above, for which the statute of limitations in Arizona allows two years. While you may assume that two years is considerable time, evidence, information, and witnesses can go missing in no time. Hiring a lawyer ensures you have covered all bases, as the lawyer will keep a tab on deadlines.You can reduce your stress

It is imperative that you spend considerable time at home after the car accident to heal sooner. This is not the time to tackle legal hassles, although that is as important. An attorney can take things forward for you. While it can take many months to recover the compensation for a car accident claim, the lawyer will be your relentless partner in the process.

If you are concerned about paying the attorney, you should know that most injury law firms in Tucson don’t ask for an hourly rate. Instead, the lawyer goes the contingency way and fights for your rights until you get paid. They will get their share, a percentage of your final settlement, as the fee.

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