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Hit the Road in Style: Rent a Tempo Traveller in Mumbai or Pune 

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Hit the Road in Style: Rent a Tempo Traveller in Mumbai or Pune and Craft Everlasting Tales

A journey is always more beautiful than the destination.

Truer words have never been spoken! The journey brings you closer to the history, culture and people of different places that you come across on your way to a destination. What better than a road trip with your buddies or family to experience these memorable moments?

A road trip is nothing short of exciting adventures and surprises. However, a road trip comes with a little inconvenience. It is a hassle to drive, especially if the roads are rough or the distance to the destination is quite long. Even if you take rest breaks or switch the driving seat with your fellow traveller, a road trip can turn boring and tiring after a few hours. Don’t forget that intracity travel in big cities like Mumbai and Pune can itself take hours!

That’s why, we recommend booking a tempo traveller on rent Mumbai or Pune. A tempo traveller is a commercial vehicle that is larger than a van but smaller than a regular bus. It can easily accommodate a group size of 13 to 26 people.

Let’s give you a few more reasons why it is a good decision to hire tempo traveller Mumbai or Pune when you want to hit the road. 

Comfortable Travel

A tempo traveller has a comfortable and spacious seating arrangement. Unlike cars or public buses where you have to adjust in cramped seats, a tempo traveller has no such issues. 

Luggage Space

Whether you are going for a road trip for a day, overnight or a few days, you will carry bags depending on the location and occasion. A tempo traveller has sufficient space to keep your luggage without the risk of scratches or rip-offs. 

Dedicated Driver

A tempo traveller rental agency assigns an experienced driver for your entire trip. A driver can navigate the most difficult terrains while enjoying the trip with your group. A good vehicle rental agency will also conduct a thorough background check for the drivers’ expertise, personal information and criminal record before hiring them. This ensures that you are in safe and reliable hands.

Suitable for Every Pocket

A tempo traveller rent Mumbai or Pune is suitable for every budget. It is available in three variants – Classic, Prime and Prime Executive. 

The Classic variant has basic features with no fancy amenities but makes up for affordability without compromising your comfort.

The Prime variant is a little higher on budget than the Classic variant but offers amenities such as Leatherette material pushback seats, padded armrests and individual air conditioning vents which make travel easy for long journeys.

The Prime Executive variant is a great option when you want to enjoy the road trip in luxury. It has premium interiors, personal lockers, smart TVs, heavy-duty air conditioner, sofa cum bed and other amenities.

If you are looking for online tempo traveller booking Mumbai or Pune, get in touch with SimplyTrip. It provides tempo travellers in all variants and budgets for every type of road trip – be it for outstation vacations, family events or corporate offsites.

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