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House Edge vs RTP: What Do They Mean And How Are They Different?

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When it comes to online gambling, checking the house edge and the RTP should be an essential step a player takes before playing for real money. Knowing this information is important for budgeting and strategizing as players can adjust their playing habits accordingly. In this article, we will explain what the two concepts mean as well as provide tips for increasing your chances of winning when playing at N1 BET or any other platform online. Read on to learn more!

House Edge vs RTP

House edge measures how much money the house is expected to make from a game over time. Most casino games have a house edge of 1-3%, meaning that for every $100 wagered, the platform makes an average of $1-$3 in profit. The higher the percentage, the more money the casino stands to make over time and the less likely it is that players will win in the long run.

RTP, in turn, measures how much money players can expect to win back from a game over time. It’s calculated as a percentage of total wagers made on a game minus any fees charged by the casino or other outside sources (such as taxes). For example, if a game has an RTP of 97%, then players should expect to get back 97 cents for every dollar they wager on that game. The higher the RTP, the better chance players have of winning in the long run. You can read online casino reviews to find the platforms with the highest RTPs.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances Of Winning

Now, how can you increase your chances of winning despite the casino’s advantage? Here are a few strategies that might be of interest!

#1 Understand the rules of each game

Knowing the rules of gambling games is one surefire way for you to give yourself a fighting chance. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules of blackjack, poker, baccarat, or any other game before you begin playing. Understanding the basics and knowing how to calculate points or cards quickly can change your outcome. Ultimately, learning the rules will help provide a much-needed advantage when playing at a casino online.

#2 Take advantage of the bonuses and promos

One great tip for increasing your chances of winning while gambling is to take advantage of any bonuses and promos offered by casinos and betting sites. Many will offer rewards such as a deposit bonus, free spins, or cashback, which you can use to increase your chances of a successful outcome. Not only will these bonuses stretch your money further, but they will give you more opportunities to experience playing different types of games. Taking advantage of all available perks is an excellent way to improve your odds and have an enjoyable time!

#3 Never chase your losses

If you find yourself losing more often than winning, one of the best ways to prevent further losses is to never chase after them. While this may seem counter-intuitive — after all, if you’re losing money why would you not try to get it back? — chasing after your losses will only make it easier for them to snowball and become bigger than you intended. Remember that gambling should be an enjoyable experience, so take small risks and don’t be afraid to walk away when needed. With some sensible guidelines in place, your gaming sessions can be filled with fun and excitement!

#4 See to it that you play on licensed sites only

Winning at gambling isn’t something that is guaranteed, but there is one reliable tip you can follow to improve your chances. That’s playing at licensed sites. Licensed casinos have strict protocols and rules in place to ensure fairness for all players. They are also monitored by the appropriate authorities to make sure their operations comply with regulations, giving you greater peace of mind and assurance of getting a fair game.


By understanding how the basic gambling concepts work together as well as how to increase your chances of winning, you’ll have more control over your gaming experience. Play responsibly and enjoy your gaming sessions!

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