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How to Make The 2023 Holiday Season One to Remember

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The holiday season is always special, but you can always make it more special!

There’s nothing like getting together with friends and family around the holidays. But sometimes, we get so caught up in the hustle-and-bustle of the season that we forget to take a moment to actually enjoy it. We all know how important it is to unplug and connect with loved ones. But if you’re feeling like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, we’ve got some suggestions for how you can make time for quality time with those closest to you.

Make sure that your calendar includes plenty of time off from work and other obligations so that you have room to breathe—and also so that others know they can count on you being there when they need something done around the house. Set up times during the week where everyone gets together at once (rather than one-on-one throughout the week). Ask people what they’d like to do during this time together—because sometimes even just having options on hand will help them feel more engaged and invested in making plans happen! Lastly, remember that this season is about celebrating what matters most: family and friends!

Those are the basics. Here;s how to make it great!

Incorporate some recreational THC into your Chirstmas festivities!

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. It’s also a time for cannabis.

If you’re planning on having some Christmas festivities with your friends, family, or both this year, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate some recreational THC carts into the mix!

Whether you’re making dinner together and want to add a little something extra to the meal or are looking for a way to get your loved ones in the holiday spirit, incorporating cannabis into your Christmas plans is a great way to bring people together while still respecting their needs and boundaries.

For example, if you’re making dinner together: You could always add some THC-infused butter into the recipe! Or maybe try mixing up some infused olive oil or coconut oil with some lemon juice and garlic powder to make an infused vinaigrette?

If you’re looking for something to get people excited about the upcoming holidays: Maybe take advantage of all those fun holiday shapes that come out around this time of year! You could always get creative and make some THC-infused gummies shaped like Christmas trees—just be sure not to let any kids eat them!

Drink lots of eggnog

The holidays are upon us! And that means it’s time to celebrate by getting drunk on eggnog.

Eggnog is a creamy, rich drink that’s full of holiday cheer. It’s so good that it deserves an entire month dedicated to its consumption: December.

But why wait? You can get drunk on eggnog now. There are plenty of ways to make sure you’re enjoying all the holiday spirit you can handle this season, even if it isn’t officially December yet. Try one of these:

1) Take a bath with eggnog soap! The scent will remind you of Christmas morning and then the next morning when you wake up smelling like a soggy marshmallow.

2) Make an eggnog-flavored candle and light it while listening to Christmas music (or any other music). The smell will waft through the air and fill your home with holiday cheer—even if there isn’t snow outside yet!

3) Put some eggnog in your coffee! It’s like drinking eggnog for breakfast—only better because coffee makes everything better.

Play Fun Christmas Music

Christmas music is the best kind of music.

It’s fun, it’s festive, it makes you happy—and if you’re anything like us, you probably can’t get through the holidays without at least one Christmas song playing in your car or on your iPod. But what if we told you there was a way to make Christmas even better?

We’ll let you in on a little secret: playing Christmas music makes the holidays better! It’s true!

And not just because we love Christmas music—though we do love it very much. It turns out that playing fun holiday songs can actually make you happier and more productive during the season. According to a study by Virginia Tech, listening to positive music can make us feel more positive about our lives overall. And when we feel good about ourselves and our lives, we’re more likely to be productive and happy at work.

So next time you need an extra boost of holiday spirit while working hard on those last-minute projects before the big day, turn up the volume on some fun Christmas tunes!

Invite family and friends over for the holidays

It’s the time of year for family and friends to gather together, and you’re probably wondering how you can make this holiday season extra special.

While you may have your own traditions, there are some things that can help your guests feel welcome and at home. Here are some simple steps to take when inviting guests over for the holidays:

1. Make sure everyone knows where they are going! If you’re hosting, send out a calendar invite with directions to your house, as well as any pertinent information (parking info, room numbers) needed. If you’re going out of town, send out an email with a link to Google Maps with driving directions from their house to yours/wherever they’ll be staying/whatever event they’ll be coming to.

2. When sending out invitations, consider including an RSVP date in addition to your reply-by date—this way they know exactly when they need to respond by and when they need to arrive at your house so everything is prepared and ready for them! And if you’re inviting people who live far away? Consider sending them a reminder text or email about 2 weeks before the event happens just in case something comes up between now and then.

Have a great holiday!

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