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Light up your open-plan layout with these lighting tips

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Lighting is unarguably one of the most important parts of interior design, and we definitely suggest you don’t treat it like an afterthought. Now, when it comes to lighting up your home with a standard layout with defined rooms and zones, it is not quite complicated and you can experiment with each room or zone differently. The lighting designs in different spaces are not dependent on each other for obvious reasons. 

But, when it comes to an open-plan layout, the story is very different. Open-plan layouts are definitely in trend, but homeowners usually face an issue in lending optimum illumination to such a space. If you’re not really familiar with the concept of an open-plan layout, it basically a floor plan that combines two or more rooms that would traditionally be divided with walls. Open-plan layouts, if lit up well can look absolutely breathtaking and they can exude a distinct charm that would leave you and all your guests in a state of awe. Though it does require a little effort in lighting up an open-plan layout beautifully, it isn’t as complex as most people assume it would be. Now, take a look at the ways you can beautifully light up your open-plan layout. 

1. Lay the foundation for your lighting layout with recessed lighting

As we told you, an open plan is treated quite differently than a traditional floor plan. So, instead of going with the standard concept of layered lighting, we’ll deploy a good amount of recessed lighting on the ceiling. Now, there are multiple reasons to do that. Firstly, recessed lighting can set the tone of the space and lend uniform illumination to your space. Also, when it comes to an open-plan layout, it might prove to be a little challenging to place lighting designs on the ground to complement your lighting layout. Recessed lighting designs like downlights or flush-mounted ceiling lights will be perfect for your living space. 

2. Create zones with lighting

An open-plan layout doesn’t really come with any conventional demarcations, and that’s why creating zones with lighting can prove to be pretty fruitful. There are multiple ways of creating zones with lighting. You can play around with the intensity of lighting and also the kind of lighting design you place in your space. For example, you can place a table lamp, floor lamp or even wall lights to create a virtual boundary in the space. While the illumination will automatically create a boundary, the lighting designs themselves will physically create a zone. Dimmable lighting is another way you can create zones in your living space. 

3. Make use of track lighting 

Track lighting and open-plan layouts are a match made in heaven, as they can create a breathtaking atmosphere in your living space. The best part about track lighting is its versatility. This lighting design can beautifully blend into any part of your home with ease and bring the best out of your living space. Track lighting is highly customisable, and it creates you can also play around with the placement and the direction of the lighting. 

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