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List of the brightest light beacons available

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There are many circumstances where light beacons are part of the safety and security of a situation, place, person, equipment, or machinery. Not every light beacon needs to be as bright as possible, but in some circumstances having a bright light beacon is essential. Here, we will look at some of the situations where having the brightest light beacon is essential, and we’ll list the available options and which is the brightest of them.

Light beacons

 Before we look at when you need the brightest light beacon available, let’s look at what a light beacon is. A light beacon is an electronic device that visually signals a warning, alerts us to a change in the situation, or can be used in a search and rescue operation. Such as a lost hiker who uses a light beacon to publicise their location, a flashing security alarm light, or the flashing lights on emergency vehicles, a lighthouse beacon, rescue light beacons on lifejackets, buoys, forklifts, and many more things.

Situations for bright light beacons

If the light from the light beacon needs to catch peoples’ attention or guide the way, or perhaps your light beacon needs to be seen from a long distance or through bad weather, then the brighter the light beacon is the better. Whether it is a large beacon like a lighthouse, a medium-sized one to indicate the height of a tower to planes and helicopters, or a small one to fit in a lifejacket to aid in search and rescue situations, the brightness of the light beacon is crucial.


There are several different types of bulbs used in light beacons:

  • Incandescent bulbs – the dullest and shortest lasting of the bulbs, producing 8-24 lumens per watt
  • Halogen bulbs – 10-35 lumens per watt
  • Xenon bulbs – 50-90 lumens per watt
  • LED bulbs – are the strongest and longest lasting of the bulbs, producing 100+ lumens per watt

For more information on the brightest light beacon for your business’ needs, you should get expert advice from a reputable dealer.

Choosing the right light beacon

Light beacons come in different strengths, colours, and power sources so choosing the right one is critical for the safety and security of yourself and your team. We recommend you get your advice and buy quality light beacons from the team at RS Components. They are the worldwide leaders in the distribution of automation and control components, electronics, and tools and they have been trusted for over 75 years. You can contact them by phone, email, or online. With nearly 1,200 light beacons in their stock, RS is bound to have the right light beacon for your needs.

From our list of the brightest light beacons, you can see that the LED bulb is the brightest and lasts the longest. However, a Xenox bulb comes a close second. So, if you need the brightest light beacon then you need an LED or Xenox one. To find the brightest light beacon just contact the team at RS today.

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