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Mistakes or misprints on the airline ticket

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Mistakes and typographical errors in airline tickets are a prevalent predicament encountered by all passengers, given that each airline ticket is issued independently. Such mistakes may arise from inadvertence or hastiness during the process of booking an air ticket.

Rest assured, countless individuals commit errors or encounter typographical slips in airline tickets on a daily basis. Allow us to enlighten you on rectifying these errors and preventing their recurrence.

The Rule of Three Typos

In various discussions on airline ticket mistakes, reference is often made to “the principle of three typographical errors.” However, it is crucial to note that this supposed rule holds no substance, as it finds no existence in any international regulations governing passenger transportation, nor is it mentioned within any airline policies.

In actuality, there exists only one official regulation concerning typos on airline tickets: any inaccurate information must be promptly corrected.

The myth surrounding the three typos emerged due to the surge in air travel’s popularity and the heightened number of self-purchased airline tickets online.

While most airlines are inclined to overlook minor typographical errors, should the number exceed three, amendments to the airline ticket will likely be necessary. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to take any risks and rectify the mistakes beforehand.

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What errors may be present on the ticket, and how can they be rectified?

  • Surname, first name, and patronymic;
  • Spelling of names in Roman characters;
  • Date of birth;
  • Passport number;
  • Gender or mode of address;
  • Visa number;
  • Departure date;
  • Email address.

The airline retains full discretion in determining the accuracy of the tickets. How a typographical error is addressed depends on the specific airline. Generally, the budget airlines with lower fares present more challenges when it comes to rectifying such errors.

For instance, low-cost airlines often levy a fee for ticket corrections. In the case of smaller airlines, a typo correction entails a charge of $100, necessitating contacting a paid call center for assistance.

For established airlines, errors are resolved through communication with the contact center. We strongly advise against attempting to modify the data yourself within your personal account in the event of a typo. Such actions may lead to additional charges (immediately imposed) or even ticket cancellation. It is preferable to first seek assistance from the carrier’s support service.

Subsequently, we delve into a detailed discussion regarding the mistakes and typographical errors found on tickets, exploring the necessity of their correction and the appropriate measures to rectify them if deemed necessary.

Mistakes in the surname, first name, or patronymic

Typos in the passenger’s surname, first name, or patronymic constitute the most prevalent errors encountered on an airline ticket. Failing to detect a single-letter mistake should not pose any issues at the airport’s check-in counter. It is advisable, however, to adhere to the airlines’ recommendations and rectify all errors before the flight.

A typographical error in the first name, last name, or patronymic represents a distinct spelling from the document under which the ticket is issued, and the flight is scheduled. It is crucial to avoid conflating the fields of the first name and last name, as doing so may give rise to significant complications when traveling abroad.

Should you encounter a typo, you have the opportunity to rectify it through the airline. If you obtained your ticket via an agency, you may reach out to either the agency or the airline. Call their toll-free number, ensuring you have your reservation details and passport readily available.

The rule of spelling names in the Latin alphabet

There is no need to transliterate your first and last name into the Latin alphabet or employ additional transliteration services. Simply write them as they appear in your foreign passport. Similarly, there is no requirement to transliterate your patronymic into the Latin alphabet.

Numerous airline and agency websites automatically transcribe surnames and names into the Latin alphabet. However, if you are traveling domestically with a domestic passport, no action is necessary on your part.

Date of birth

One of the most prevalent errors involves an incorrect date of birth. When making your ticket reservation, the order of the day, month, and year fields may vary.

Exercise caution and thoroughly review the fields: the day is indicated by D (Day), the month by M (Month), and the year by Y (Year). If these designations do not correspond to your ticket, promptly contact the airline to rectify the mistake.

Passport number

The passport number serves as an additional means of identifying a passenger. On domestic flights within Russia, the scrutiny of your passport number is more stringent compared to foreign flights. Should an error occur in the number, we highly recommend correcting it.

Gender or mode of address

During the booking of your flight tickets, you may be asked about your gender or preferred mode of address (MR, MRS, or MISS). This information facilitates the automated allocation of seating for passengers and is used to address the passenger in newsletters.

An incorrect gender entry can lead to complications during airport check-in. As with other errors, it is advisable to rectify them. However, the mode of address for the passenger can be disregarded.

Visa number

The inclusion of the visa number in your ticket details is optional. If you have erroneously provided an incorrect visa number, there is no need to inform the airline. The visa will also be verified during check-in, independent of the number stated on the air ticket.

If you do not possess a visa at the time of booking airline tickets, there is no requirement to fill in the corresponding field. Frequently, airline websites feature an option to report visa details at a later stage.

Date of departure

Occasionally, passengers may mistakenly select the wrong departure date while purchasing air tickets, often due to discrepancies in time zones. The local time of departure and arrival is consistently indicated on the airline ticket.

In the event of an error in the departure date, it is possible to modify it based on the terms and conditions of ticket delivery. Changes to the departure date without incurring penalties are typically applied only to business class air tickets and select fare categories in the economy class.

E-mail address

Should you input an incorrect e-mail address during the processing of airline tickets, you shall be unable to receive electronic tickets (itinerary receipt) and notifications pertaining to changes in the flight schedule.

We advise that you rectify your mailing address to the accurate one, even if the e-ticket has already been downloaded upon payment. In situations where the flight is canceled or delayed, the airline communicates via mail. Alternative flight options are dispatched to the e-mail address, which necessitates confirmation or rejection.

Modifying the mailing address can be accomplished through the personal account on the airline’s or ticketing agency’s website. Generally, the following information is required: the passenger’s first and last name (in Roman letters) and phone number. In certain cases, the flight number may also be requested, which can be found in the schedule on the airline’s website.

Additionally, it is possible to effect a change of mailing address by contacting the airline’s contact center or booking agency. Notably, low-cost airlines often levy charges for changes, and the call itself may incur a fee.

How to avoid mistakes on your ticket

If you have erred previously, commit the mistake to memory for the remainder of your life and refrain from repeating it.

Upon inputting data into the ticket, diligently review the information in reverse order. Exercise patience, for airline tickets undergo a freezing process during processing, precluding their repurchase. Typically, the processing of airline tickets takes approximately 20 minutes.

Before embarking on the search for airline tickets, ensure that the passports and bank cards of your passengers are prepared.

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