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Pick a star, be festive with top designer cotton sarees

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Indian women are continually searching for the best summer attire to keep them cool as the temperatures rise, which leads them to an astonishing range of cotton sarees. Without a doubt, cotton is the most versatile and cosy fabric. Conversely, cotton sarees offer the best of both worlds. They are perfect for both formal and informal parties, thanks to the shine of silk and the roominess of pure cotton. When it comes to wearing cotton sarees, nothing can compare to its simplicity and comfort.

Some designs

●       Printed sarees: Cotton sarees come in various prints that make them adaptable for an entire day’s worth of looks, from traditional kalamkari printed cotton sarees to tie-dyed sarees. This season’s main trends include pure cotton sarees with a printed pallu and the stylised abstract prints that may be found on contemporary sarees today.

●       Plain saree with patchwork border: These are functional pure cotton sarees with a plain body and a kalamkari-printed or appliquéd border. Some cotton sarees are decorated with pictures of animals, idols, and mythology to give them an ethnic look. The balanced appearance is perfect for both informal events and business attire.

●       Color choice: The season’s words are expressed through colour, particularly pastel tones in pure cotton sarees. Try exploring hues like peach, ice blue, ivory, and others to capture the sun’s effect.

●       Cotton silk designer sarees: The pure cotton sarees previously mentioned were rather plain and lacked intricate stitching or designs. Designer cotton sarees made of cotton and silk are a bit dressier and heavier. They have contrasting colour embroidered work all over or in select areas. They are bulky pure cotton sarees that can be sported at various formal events and gatherings. 

 Cotton silk designer sarees come in various appealing styles and colourful hues. They are both completely conventional and elegant at the same time. People will admire you if you wear one of these pure cotton sarees to a birthday or housewarming party.

●       Benarasi cotton silk sarees: A benarasi is a consistently popular saree, and the designers have created a version that more than justifies its status. Benarasi cotton sarees are a good option if you love benarasi sarees but don’t want to spend a lot of money. They appear in intricate embroidery work as well as in more straightforward forms.

●       South Cotton Silk Sarees: Checkered designs have long been popular in the fashion world, particularly in South India. The south pure cotton sarees mirror the same situation. In south cotton sarees, the checkered patterns are still prominent and further adorned with lovely motifs and decorations. If the work isn’t too dazzling, they are ideal for everyday office wear, but if they are rather hefty, you may also try them for other occasions and functions.


The pure cotton sarees are light, breezy, comfy, and soft. However, modern cotton sarees are made of various fabrics, which helps in draping to some level. For instance, cotton sarees combine the greatest qualities of cotton and silk. Although each of these materials has its own fans and devotees, it’s always a good idea to test cotton sarees. They are now widely available as cotton sarees online and are simple to purchase.

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