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The Top 6 Ways to Improve Poker Results

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There are loads of poker enthusiasts who are striving for better results at the table. IT doesn’t matter if you’re a cash game player or prefer tournaments, there are things you can do to enhance your overall results. In this post we will identify six practical things that should see an improvement in your earnings at poker.

1. Review your past play and identify your leaks

By reviewing past sessions and spotting errors, you can ensure they are avoided in the future. In contrast, ignoring leaks is only going to cost you money in the long run and harm your win rate poker

2. Find a good poker coach or mentor

The quickest way to see accelerated improvement is to use a mentor or coach. This is a common way of “shortcutting” and becoming a better player. The downside to this method is that you will have to spend money. Most coaches worth their salt will charge at least $80 per hour so be wary of any charging much less than this as they are probably not as good as they seem! 

3. Get quality training materials and study them

There is a wealth of free poker information on the internet if you want it. By accessing training material on the cheap you can study in your free time and hone your game. We suggest avoiding sites like Twitch as they are generally filled with poor poker content. Instead, look for reputable poker sites or books with decent reviews on Amazon. Again, you may have to spend a few bucks but it will be worth it. Consider it an investment in your future earning potential.

4. Join an online poker community and learn from other players

There’s a number of decent forums online that you can access. The great thing about a poker community like twoplustwo is that there are areas for everyone – regardless of ability. By chatting to likeminded poker players, you can learn new strategies and also give back to communities too. It’s a two-way street where members are seeking to learn and improve. 

5. Get poker tracking software and use it to monitor your progress

Any self-respecting poker player is using tracking software in 2022. It’s essential for anyone wanting to measure their results. By tracking performance regularly, you can see whether or not you are actually improving or in decline. There are loads of poker software online and most of it is compatible with desktop, laptop and tablet. Just be mindful that some software is prohibited on major sites now so check their terms and conditions to see if they allow HUDs.

6. Play in the right online poker tournaments and cash games

This last tip is just about being sensible with game selection. In other words, take your time ensuring you are playing at the right stakes and on the right poker site. Games and strategies change based on the format of the game and the calibre of opponents you’re playing against.  That’s why reading reviews is important, to ensure you’re in the right game for you.

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