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Compared to other traffic infractions like speeding or a DUI, reckless driving can be harder to define because it can apply to various unsafe driving behaviors, even though these behaviors frequently contribute to a reckless driving conviction.

According to Nevada law (NRS 484B.653), reckless driving is:

  • Driving a vehicle on a highway or other public property with a deliberate or wanton disregard for the safety of people or property
  • Participating in an unlicensed speed contest on a highway or other public property
  • Performing unlicensed trick driving on a public road.

According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, more reckless driving accidents have occurred in recent years. Speeding is an aspect in almost one-third of all fatal auto accidents in Nevada. This startling news demonstrates that reckless driving is an immediate hazard on the road.

When can a driver be accused of reckless driving in Las Vegas?

If a person of Las Vegas engages in any of the following while operating a car, they may be charged with reckless driving:

  • Surpassing the posted speed limit by at least 25 miles per hour
  • Ignoring stop signs or red lights
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians and other vehicles
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence
  • Avoiding railroad blockages
  • School buses passing by with their stop signs down
  • Making a U-turn or going too fast in a school zone
  • Competing with other cars
  • Eluding detection by the police
  • Passing over a double yellow line or a two-lane highway
  • Driving through blind curves
  • Cutting across lanes and swerving
  • Driving while texting

How do you determine if reckless driving resulted in your accident?

Unfortunately, even when they drive defensively and obey the rules of the road, victims may be unable to defend themselves if another driver chooses to drive carelessly. The likelihood of an accident increases significantly when someone drives recklessly and disregards the safety of others. During such a case, reckless driving car accident attorneys always try to find out what led to an automobile accident. They can determine whether reckless driving was a factor in the accident by looking at the behaviors or circumstances that preceded it. 

You may have the strongest argument if the circumstances that led to the accident are accurately analyzed and reconstructed. During this procedure, official police reports, your images or videos from the incident, eyewitness testimonies, and local security or traffic camera evidence can be helpful.

Las Vegas automobile accident lawyers can also assist you in the following ways to strengthen your case:

Figuring out the cost of your damages. 

They can assist you in determining the full and just compensation you deserve for the suffering you have undergone, from car repairs and medical expenses to emotional distress or the wrongful loss of a loved one.

Defying the reckless driver’s insurance provider and attorney.

All efforts will be made by a reckless driving defendant, attorney, and insurance provider to avoid providing you with the just compensation you are entitled to. A reckless driving car accident attorney will be knowledgeable about their strategies and ensure that you, the victim, are never silenced.

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