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Easy Tips to Avoid Fear on a Plane 

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Traveling by air is safe. Statistically, the risk of getting into an accident while flying is much lower than when driving a car. But many people are still afraid to fly. Here’s how to get rid of fear.

Warn About Your Fear

You should not be afraid to ask questions if something frightens you during a flight. Stewards and stewardesses are specially trained to support passengers in the event of a crisis on board.

Use Mobile Apps

There are apps that warn you about getting into turbulence zones, explain why the plane’s roll angle changes, which causes different sounds. For example:

  • SkyGuru.
  • Flight Buddy.
  • Flightradar 24.

The apps don’t affect the process of flying and don’t help to get rid of aerophobia. But they do give you the feeling that the situation is under control, and thus the anxiety is reduced.

Another way to calm down is to use meditation apps, which are as easy to use as betting at betsport22. The best known ones are:

  • Headspace.
  • Calm.
  • Meditopia.
  • Practice (App Store, Google Play).

You can download movies, books, games, music to your phone or tablet to distract yourself from anxious thoughts. It will feel like time goes by faster.

Choose a Comfortable Seat 

If you can check in for a flight online, do it right away – seats are quickly taken. If you don’t book your trip well in advance, you may notice, for example, that Thursday flights are cheaper than Sunday flights.

Before choosing a seat, know exactly what scares you. If there is a fear of heights or of enclosed spaces, you should choose a seat in the aisle instead of by the window. But if the view of the sky helps to calm down, it’s better to sit by the window.

You can find the seating arrangements on the airline’s website – carriers use the cabin space differently. Some companies on the same plane may have only one row of business class or none at all.

The seats in the middle of the cabin feel less bumpy when you fly through turbulence. In the tail section, however, the bumping and turning motion is more noticeable and you may feel carsick. Fear can increase as a result of feeling unwell.

If there is no electronic check-in, you must check in at special airport counters. You can ask employees to board at the right place – they usually agree.

Don’t Consume Any Foods or Drinks That May Make You Feel Unwell Before Departure

A feeling of discomfort in the intestines causes milk and dairy products, legumes – peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, and others. Unpleasant feelings can also occur after eating fruits and vegetables with high fiber content: cabbage, asparagus, apricots, plums. It’s better not to eat spicy food, it can provoke heartburn.

It’s also worth avoiding carbonated drinks: gases irritate the walls of the stomach and increase bloating. You should refrain from energy drinks, coffee and strong tea, as they contain caffeine, which may increase anxiety.

Before the flight and during the flight, it’s advisable not to drink alcohol. There is a risk that at high altitude alcohol can provoke nausea.

Dress Comfortably and Take Comfort Items

For the plane, loose clothing made of soft fabrics such as jersey or cotton are the best. These are elastic band sports pants with wide pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, oversize shirts. In such clothes, it’s easy to take a comfortable pose.

You should bring a stole – it doesn’t take up much space, and you can throw it on yourself if it gets cold in the cabin. Another option is to wear several things at once, such as a T-shirt and a hoodie, which can be removed if it gets hot.

Shoes should be worn loose or at least soft – it won’t rub the feet. It’s better not to wear accessories: watches, belts and ties. They will press and prevent you from relaxing.

If the flight is long and you can sleep sitting up, you should bring earplugs, a sleep mask and a pillow for your neck.

You should also take a bottle of water with you. You can drink the water on the way, and fill the empty bottle after you pass the security check.

Get Out of the House Beforehand

If you don’t plan your time properly, there will be unnecessary anxiety about possible airport hiccups and missing your flight.

It’s best to arrive at the airport three hours before departure if you need to check in at the counters and drop off your luggage. If the registration was online, you can come in two hours. If you plan to get to the airport by train, you need to buy tickets in advance.

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