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Is acoustic lighting the future of interior design?

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For the unaware, acoustic lighting was one of the most revolutionary introductions in the lighting industry in the previous decade. And being quite a niche until now, acoustic lighting has made a name for itself in the global design space and is inching towards become a household name soon. Until now, acoustic lighting was primarily used in commercial workspaces. And the result has been outstanding. The primary aim of the lighting designs was to reduce the disturbance in the space and produce a noise-free environment with their peculiar et soulful designs. And that was definitely achieved.

With the design now being widely accepted in the commercial space, lighting designers are now working on making the designs as appealing to the eyes as they are functional. Acoustic designs themselves flaunt a fine symphony of form and function and they can effortleslly transform the space they are placed in along with adding an unparalleled stroke of opulence to the decor. We bring to you a mindfully created list of the ways acoustic lighting can change the look and feel of your home and enhance your well-being seamlessly.

Acoustic lighting for your indoor space

There are multiple acoustic lighting designs that can enhance the functionality of your space and enhance the aesthetic value of your space quite effortlessly. Acoustic lighting designs like chandeliers, table lamp, pendant lights, recessed ceiling lights, and more are just perfect for your space. Acoustic lighting designs usually have a neo-modern or contemporary look due to their build and the quality of the material used for crafting them.

Acoustic lighting make use of fabric like felt, synthetic fiber, metal, plastic, polyester, polythene and in most cases, recycled materials to cancel high tones in the space. You’ll feel the difference the moment you install these lighting designs. Acoustic lighting can reduce the noise created by electrical appliances and gadgets, and there can be a significant decrease in the sound waves from the outdoor spaces too.

Acoustic lighting for your outdoor space

There are acoustic lighting designs for your outdoor space too, to reduce the usual disturbances that occur outside your home. The most common acoustic outdoor lights you’ll find in the market include hanging lights, wall lights and acoustic bollards. These lighting designs are crafted out of the same materials as their indoor counterparts and they have a heavier build compared to the indoor designs.

The outdoor acoustic lighting designs flaunt a contemporary design and this is the only design style you’ll mostly find the lighting designs in. If you’re a person who prefers minimalistic designs or modern designs, then this is something you’ll have to settle with.

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