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Sarah Hiddleston: Know Her Bio, Age, Education, Career

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Who Is Sarah Hiddleston?

sarah hiddleston

Being the older sister of Tom Hiddleston, Sarah Hiddleston is well-known as a journalist. Tom Hiddleston, Sarah’s brother, is an English actor. As he played Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), beginning with Thor in 2011, Sarah’s brother attracted attention from all around the world. Tom, Sarah’s younger brother, has developed a large following of supporters known as “Hiddlestoners.”

The eldest of the Hiddleston children is Sarah. She was born in Westminster, London, to parents Diana Patricia Hiddleston and James Norman Hiddleston. Her exact age is unknown, however, it is certain that she is the eldest, followed by Tom and their younger sister, actress Emma Hiddleston.

Sarah Hiddleston’s Age, Height, and Weight

Sara Hiddleston is Tom Hiddleston’s older sister, however, the dates and years of her birth remain unknown. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her exact weight is unknown at this time.

Sarah Hiddleston’s Husband

Sarah Hiddleston and Yakov Chandy had a lovely ceremony for their wedding, and many of their companions, families, and other special people were there as well. After being married, they are now happily living ever after in Chennai, India.

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Even Sarah’s brother, Tom Hiddleston, has visited her nearly four times in India. He had an incredible experience that he really appreciated.

Childhood and Education

Sarah Hiddle, a citizen of the United Kingdom, was born in the Westminster neighborhood of London.

Patricia Hiddleston and Dr. James Norman Hiddleston’s oldest child, Sarah, was born in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. Tom Hiddleston and Emma Hiddleston are her two younger siblings.

She is a member of a Christian household and is of white ethnicity.  Her dad, Dr. James Norman Hiddleston, was a physical chemist who had previously served as managing director of a biotech company and came from Suffolk. Diana Patricia Hiddleston, her mom, was a stage manager and curator from Greenock, Scotland. Sarah was brought up in Wimbledon in her early years, but subsequently, the family relocated to a village close to Oxford, England.

She went to Windlesham House School in South Downs, England, before transferring to Dragon School in Oxford. In her adolescent years, her parents split. About her university and graduation, there is no additional information known. She is, however, a graduate woman.


Sarah Hiddleston chose to be a journalist despite being the sister of actor Tom Hiddleston. She is a qualified journalist currently based in India. She has, however, performed some work in the film industry, though not as an actress. In 2013, she managed the production of visual effects for the computer games Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Fuel VFX’s Iron Man 3, and Fuel VFX’s Iron Man 3. (2002). She participated as a line producer in the 2014 film Mission Blue and served as executive producer on the 2017 clip Nespresso: Comin’ Home.

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