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All you need to know about the CELTA certification

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Do you want to have a career opportunity that allows you to travel around the world and passionately help others? Then, you can become an English language teacher by taking the internationally recognized CELTA course. As per a website, English is the first language for more than 350 million people worldwide and the second language for over 430 million people. So, with the help of the CELTA certification, you can attain new opportunities by teaching in person or online. But what exactly is CELTA? Is it beneficial? And how do you apply for this course? You can attain answers to all your questions by reading this article.

What is the CELTA certification?

The acronym of CELTA is “Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults.” CELTA is a highly recognized certification and is considered an initial English teaching worldwide. This certification program is accredited and moderated by Cambridge University, one of the world’s prestigious universities. Many employers from the United States and abroad highly regard this certification and provide teaching jobs.

How to apply for the CELTA certification?

A teaching career in the English language is exciting, but you must know what to expect before applying for the CELTA certification. The first step includes filling out and submitting an application form. In the form, you will be asked for details like your working and educational background and the level of English you are familiar with. You might also come across a question such as “Why do you want to take CELTA?” So, you must ensure that the punctuation, spelling, and grammar are correct while filling in the details. You will be given a few tasks to assess your awareness of the English language. After all, your tutor must know if you can keep up with this course. If your application is successful, you will have an interview via phone or a telecommunication application, depending on your location. Part-time CELTA courses take at least a year, whereas the full-time courses take about 4 to 5 weeks.

How to qualify for the CELTA certification?

Some official requirements will help you to qualify for the CELTA course. You must have completed high school or secondary education and be at least 18 years old. You must have specific skills to become an excellent teacher and complete the English language’s advanced level or C1 level.

How much does a CELTA certificate cost?

The cost of the certification entirely depends upon the authorized center. So, essentially, it can cost you from 1500 dollars to 2700 dollars. The full-time and part-time course costs will be the same if you go through the same program. In addition, the online certification course of CELTA costs less.

Why is the CELTA certification beneficial?

Where many certifications expire, you can ensure that the CELTA certification doesn’t. You will be qualified to teach the English language for your entire life. You will receive appropriate career guidance and support from the tutors. You will gain some tips to prepare for the interview and get a fantastic teaching job, and you can attain a flexible working schedule if you apply for it. You can move to any location to accomplish your career goals.

How much can you earn with a CELTA certification?

Initially, you will be able to earn approximately 2000 to 3000 dollars per month with a CELTA certification. Later, you can make over 4000 dollars each month. The salary entirely depends upon the country you reside in and teach.

Wrapping it up

The CELTA course provides all aspiring English language teachers with a better opportunity. This certification gives hands-on experience of teaching or interacting with students in a classroom. Indeed, it will provide you with immense pleasure to call yourself a “CELTA certified teacher.”

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